David de Gea is set to marry singer Edurni Garcia next weekend after his Man United contract expires

Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea is reportedly set to marry his singer partner next weekend when his current £375,000 membership contract expires.

The Red Devils goalkeeper of the past 12 seasons is yet to be signed and United will look to Inter Milan goalkeeper Andre Onan in a swap deal.

But De Gea’s thoughts next week may be more on his bride-to-be, Edurna Garcia, and the attendees at his wedding ceremony than on his footballing profession, Spain’s experience suggests.

More details are emerging about the couple’s ‘big day’, with claims that they have rented out a former quarry near Menorca’s port metropolis of Ciutadella for a ‘weekend-long affair’.

De Gea, 32, and Edurne, 37, have a two-year-old daughter, Yanay, and began their relationship 12 years ago shortly after they first met in December 2010 to report on A Christmas Carol to raise money for young people with most cancers and their household.

Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea (real) and his girlfriend Edurne Garcia are set to tie the knot next week after their contract expires.

There are many hypotheses about whether the Spanish goalkeeper will give a new contract after a disturbing season with football.

Spanish show business reporters Laura Fa and Lorena Vasquez say that between 80 and 100 guests will attend the weekend-long wedding ceremony.

They have not announced whether the footballer and his long-term partner will tie the knot on July 1, the day after De Gea’s current Man United contract expires, or the day after.

The company that is reportedly organizing every part is called “La Puta Suegra,” an event planner with a location in Barcelona and says on its Instagram that it is “available for events and weddings worldwide.”

The firm’s identifier in English, if translated directly from Spanish, might read “The F****** Mother-in-Law”.

There has been no official comment, but from the company or De Gea and his girlfriend, who have preferred to keep their plans “private”.

The footballer’s latest publication on Instagram, which was only weekly in the past, confirmed that he was swimming in the turquoise sea during the trip. After the module, he wrote: “Relax. To upload. To think.’

A well-known face in Spain, Edurne has continued to live in her country of residence regardless of her relationship with David, although she does revisit Manchester when she has a slot in her busy work schedule.

In 2015, she represented Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest.

United have been linked with potential replacement Andre Onan, who played for Inter Milan in the Champions League final.

The Spanish shot-stopper joined Man Untied in 2011 for £18m.

At the time the pair met, De Gea was seven months away from signing for Man United to receive the UK’s transfer report for a price tag of virtually £18m for the goalkeeper.

Edurne had already cemented her status as a pop singer, recording 4 albums after making a name for herself on Spain’s Pop Idol 5 years earlier.

She described her partner as “the best dad in the world” shortly after their daughter was born in March 2021.

The identity of the teenager comes from the Quechua language and translates into English as “My Beloved”.

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