Daniel Ellsberg Illness and health before death: did he die of cancer?

People have been curious about Daniel Ellsberg’s illness and health ever since the tragic news of his death broke.

Daniel Ellsberg was a renowned US government analyst, economist, and political activist.

He became one of the most famous whistleblowers in world politics when he leaked the Pentagon Papers.

covered the lies and deception of American policy during the Vietnam War between 1945 and 1967.

The war killed more than 58,000 and injured 304,000 Americans, including several Vietnamese, Cambodians, and Laotians.

The journal was a groundbreaking revelation that made Americans realize that their government could mislead and even lie to them.

Ellsberg, born April 7, 1931 in Chicago, Illinois, became a writer and speaker in the campaign for open government and against the spread of nuclear weapons.

The American analyst is in the news after his sad disappearance on June 16, 2023.

Daniel Ellsberg Sickness and health before death

The illness and health of political activist Daniel Ellsberg has become the subject of curiosity among his supporters across the United States.

In March, Ellsberg posted on his Facebook page that doctors diagnosed him with an inoperable pancreatic condition, followed by a CT scan and MRI.

He further wrote that doctors had given him three to six months to live and that he was in no physical pain.

On top of that, he dramatically explained how his cardiologist allowed him to give up his salt-free diet of the past six years as the best decision.

Mr Daniel sadly died aged 92 at his home in Kensington, California.

In their statement, the family said that during Daniel’s final months he enjoyed eating hot chocolate, croissants, poppyseed bagels and cakes.

The family added that he watched some of his favorite movies, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Even after the diagnosis, he continued to speak to the press about nuclear threats, particularly the danger of nuclear war posed by the war in Ukraine and Taiwan.

Was Daniel Ellsberg’s cause of death cancer?

Daniel Ellsberg had inoperable pancreatic cancer which led to his death. He chose not to undergo chemotherapy but instead opted for palliative care.

Pancreatic cancer is a disease in which malignant (cancer) cells grow in pancreatic tissue. The risk is increased by smoking and a family history of the disease.

Ellsberg’s family was overwhelmed with all the love and support he received during his final days.

They expressed their gratitude for the outpouring of love, well wishes and appreciation and how it warmed Daniel’s heart at the end of his life.

An honorary farewell from colleagues and supporters…

A notable media personality and Guardian editor said: “Ellsberg was widely and rightly acclaimed as an important and important figure, but not by Richard Nixon, who wanted him locked up.”

He added that the national interest should come first and not be confused with the interest of whoever is in power.

Wesley Lowery, the award-winning journalist, said it was an honor to know Daniel Ellsberg and that he will forever be inspired by his commitment to his country.

The MSNBC host, said: “A huge loss for this country. An inspiring, courageous and patriotic American. Rest in power, Dan, rest in power.

Twitter was flooded with tributes to the groundbreaking activist, and it was a heartwarming sight to see the impact he left on people.

In Daniel Ellsberg’s appreciation, David Halberstam, in his 1979 book, “The Powers That Be,” wrote, “Ellsberg, whatever his incarnation and his work, was no ordinary man. »

In the words of Henry Kissinger, Daniel Ellsberg was “the most dangerous man in America” ​​for his fierce nature and his honesty who dared to speak out against the government.

Even though Ellsberg left this world, he will forever be remembered as fearless. We hope his family will have enough strength to overcome this loss.

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