Dangerous high-ranking cartel member known as ‘The Scorpion’ extradited to the US

A high-ranking member of one in all Mexico’s strongest and violent drug cartels — known as “The Scorpion” — has been extradited to the United States after spending virtually a decade on the run.

Juan Manuel Abouzaid El Bayeh, 52, was handed over to the US Marshals Service on Monday after being arrested in Mexico in 2021. He faces prices of conspiracy to distribute cocaine and methamphetamine.

"El escorpion" Juan Manuel Abouzaid El Bayeh
“El escorpion” Juan Manuel Abouzaid El Bayeh Borderland Beat

El Bayeh, who’s known as “El Escorpion” or “The Scorpion,” was a known prime affiliate of the prolific Cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generacion (CJNG).

CJNG got here to energy in Jalisco, Mexico in 2009 after making the most of the downfall of the Valencia/Milenio cartel.

Its ruthless chief, Ruben Oseguera-Cervantes — referred to by his alias “el Mencho” — is one of the Drug Enforcement Agency’s (DEA) most wanted fugitives with a $10 million bounty on his head.

Oseguera-Cervantes led CJNG through bloody turf battles to acquire management over strategic areas for drug distribution, finally turning the felony group into one in all the 5 most harmful transnational cartels designated by the Department of Justice (DOJ).

“The cartel has established itself around the world, not just dumping all the drugs in America, they’re sending drugs to 30, 40, 50 countries… because the market for drugs is exploding,” Derek Maltz, who beforehand served as the DEA’s chief of particular operations, instructed The Post.

A US government designation document of "The Scorpion" Juan Manuel Abouzaid El Bayeh for his role in the CJNG cartel
“The Scorpion” Juan Manuel Abouzaid El Bayeh was designated for his function in the CJNG cartel FOX 5 SanDiego

El Bayeh was a part of a particular group inside CJNG run by Oseguera-Cervantes, in accordance to Univision.

“This guy is just another high-ranking confidante of El Mencho, who is obviously a significant player,” Maltz stated.

CJNG leader wanted posted
CJNG chief wished posted FOX 5 SanDiego

El Bayeh was indicted in May 2017 for drug trafficking by the US District Court in DC, which stated he’d been engaged in felony actions since 2012.

Mexican authorities later blocked El Bayeh’s financial institution accounts in June 2020 due to his function in the cartel, according to the Treasury Department.

In March 2021, the Treasury Department designated El Bayeh a drug trafficker “for providing material support to” CJNG.

However, whereas Maltz stated he’s glad to see the extradition, it is not going to seemingly impression the provide chain of lethal medication throughout the border in the US.

“It’s well beyond criminal cases against cartel leadership, we’re well beyond that,” Maltz stated, explaining that there wants to be a robust effort to lower the cartels’ provide chain.

"El escorpion" Juan Manuel Abouzaid El Bayeh
“El escorpion” Juan Manuel Abouzaid El Bayeh FOX 5 SanDiego

Another situation is the timing of the arrest — which can be politically motivated, Victor Avila, a retired agent for Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) who was shot in the line of responsibility by a Los Zetas cartel member, instructed The Post.

“Although these high-level cartel arrests are always welcomed, we must question the timing of the arrest. Remember that Mexico has presidential elections this June and it always looks good to seem like you’re fighting these cartels. This benefits both elections,” Avila stated.

El Bayeh is predicted to have his first court docket look May 17 in Washington, DC, according to Border Report.

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