Danbury community mourns Richard Holmes, 66, high school teacher and football coach

DANBURY, CONNECTICUT– Richard Holmes was a popular educator, coach and family man in the Danbury community. He died on Sunday following a brief illness caused by liver problems. He was 66 years old. According to those close to him, Holmes was a social studies teacher at Danbury High School and intended to retire at the end of this school year. During his career, he was an assistant football coach for the Hatters team and head football coach for three other teams, including the Abbott Tech/Immaculate Cooperative High School team from 2013-2020.

Nelson Mingachos, the athletic director of Immaculate High School, remarked that “Coach Holmes was in a league of his own.” “He was not only a great coach, but an even greater person. Always the first in training and the last to leave, he never missed a beat. According to Richard Holmes, his overall coaching record football at Abbott Tech/Immaculate was 49 wins and 19 losses during his time there. After retiring from the sport, he continued to attend every game he could. Mingachos shared that “he there are still a few former players of his in the squad, and they were crushed when I told them he had passed away.”

“He never failed to maintain an optimistic attitude. “Holmes graduated from East Haven High School and went on to study and compete in baseball and football while attending the University of New Haven and Shepherd College. He was also a scholar. Before returning in Connecticut and a teaching and coaching position at Notre Dame de Fairfield, he was employed as a teacher in the state of Virginia.After beginning his career at Danbury Public Schools in 1993 as a As a social studies teacher at Broadview Middle School, he later transferred to Danbury High School to take on the role of multi-sport coach.

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