Dana Roba Video: Meet Sot Daniel Balaciu and Copii

Dana Roba’s video showcased her remarkable dancing skills and captivated viewers with her mesmerizing performance.

In a shocking turn of events, Dana Roba, a former dancer and makeup artist, has become a victim of domestic violence.

Her husband, Daniel Balaciu, a football referee, was accused of brutally attacking her with a hammer, leaving her in critical condition.

This incident raised concerns about domestic violence and shed light on the personal lives of those involved.

In this article, we are going to dive into the details of the Dana Roba video and the relationship between Dana Roba and her husband, Daniel Balaciu.

Video of Dana Roba: what happened?

The Dana Roba video went viral, exposing the harrowing reality of domestic violence and the urgent need for societal change.

On June 5, 2023, an upsetting incident involving Dana and her husband, Daniel Balaciu. According to reports, a spontaneous conflict broke out between the couple in their house in Timișoara.

During the altercation, Dana Roba was hit in the head with a blunt object, resulting in serious injuries. She was immediately rushed to hospital for medical treatment, where she is currently fighting for her life.

The incident shocked the public and drew attention to the pressing problem of domestic violence. Dana Roba’s case serves as a grim reminder of the dangers many people face in abusive relationships.

It highlights the urgent need for awareness, prevention and support for victims of domestic violence.

Dana Roba Sot (husband) Daniel Balaciu

Daniel Balaciu, the fool (husband) of Dana Roba, has come into the spotlight due to the tragic events surrounding his relationship with the famous makeup artist.

Prior to this incident, Daniel Balaciu was known for his career as a football referee in Timiș county league. He was considered a competent and rigorous referee who carried out his duties with precision.

Daniel Balaciu, 41 at the time of the events, and Dana Roba entered into a marital union after a three-month relationship.

They married in a small ceremony held in a Pentecostal church in Timișoara, attended by only six people. Daniel Balaciu and Dana Roba share a Pentecostal faith, which further connects them spiritually.

Meet Dana Roba Copii (Kids)

Despite the troubled state of their relationship, Dana Roba and Daniel Balaciu were parents to two young copii (kids).

These children are now the center of attention as the couple navigate the aftermath of the domestic violence incident.

The children’s names and ages have not been publicly disclosed to protect their identities. However, it is clear that their well-being and safety have become crucial concerns.

In her public statements, Dana Roba expressed her commitment to fighting for the care and safety of her daughters. She emphasized that she would be dedicated to their welfare and protection for as long as she lives.

The involvement of children in domestic violence cases adds another layer of complexity and urgency to resolving the situation.

The welfare of children should be a priority and appropriate measures should be taken to ensure their safety and emotional recovery.

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