Damiano David & Martina Taglienti Kissing Revealed clip (Watch Full Video)

Damiano David and Martina Taglienti kissing Revealed clip on Twitter and Reddit (watch full video).

The woman Damiano David kisses passionately in the social media video that officially ends their relationship with Giorgia Soleri is identified as Martina Taglienti. Maneskin bassist Victoria De Angelis is friends with the 22-year-old model.

After spending several years together, Damian David and Giorgia Soleri have decided to call it quits. It was at this time that the Roman rocker crossed paths with a young woman with long blond hair.

Damiano David and Martina Taglienti kiss and Revealed clip

It’s Martina Taglienti, the young woman the Maneskin singer passionately kisses in the social media video that officially ended their relationship. Since she’s one of the closest friends of Victoria DeAngelisthe, the band’s bassist, she’s actually not a new acquaintance for the band.

Who is Martina Taglienti?

Martina Taglienti, a model who turned 22 on January 22 and was born in 2001, has been a familiar face in the Roman group’s circle of friends for some time. She frequently appears in pictures with Thomas Raggi, with whom she recently spent a weekend in Ibiza, as well as with Victoria and other family members.

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She is a member of the Elite agency, one of the best known in the fashion industry, and several major companies have chosen her for their advertisements after noticing her beauty, which is reminiscent of her icons from the 1970s.

Dinner at the restaurant before the evening at the disco

Before starting the tour which will also take them to Italy for three concerts next July, Damiano and the other members of the group had dinner in a restaurant before spending the evening having fun at the disco.

Victoria and Martina can be seen sitting next to the Roman musician in a snap which was taken by one of his pals and posted to Instagram Stories. If there was a dispute, it is eliminated by their attire as to who received the passionate kiss.

Both enjoy the lightness of the situation, but it’s unclear if this was the exuberance of a night out or the start of something bigger.

Watch the video here;

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