Daily Lotto Results for Today Friday 19 May 2023: See Winners, Dividends

Here are the Draw Results & Payouts for South Africa’s Daily Lotto for at present 19 May 2023 price R480 000!



We will all the time offer you the successful numbers, so whilst you wait, bookmark and save this web page so you possibly can simply discover the every day lotto consequence when its out. Results are up to date every day solely on this web page.

If you’re on cell and can’t see the outcomes beneath, click on “Read Main Version” above!

How to play every day lotto

  • Find a every day lotto wager slip
  • Use a pen or pencil to decide on 5 numbers between 1 and 36
  • Take your betslip to a teller at an authorised Lottery retailer to make cost. Current worth is R3.00 VAT inclusive
  • (*19*) your receipt from the teller which should include your chosen numbers
  • Make positive to jot down your identify in the back of the receipt to keep away from your ticket being stolen in case it wins
  • Check this web page on Our Website every day for the outcomes.

When shopping for every day lotto tickets on-line, all the time verify the phrases and circumstances.

Winners are to notice that if numbers revealed are totally different from the quantity within the authentic nationwide lottery database, the quantity within the nationwide lottery database will prevail.

Tips on How to Win the Lottery

Here are eight helpful solutions for growing your lottery winnings possibilities

Buy extra tickets. But you’ll spend extra money and you should still not win any of them.

But at the least 10 probabilities of successful is clearly higher than simply 1 probability by 10. And what you will be sure of is that if any of them wins, you’ll recuperate your a refund.

Form a lottery syndicate or group the place you all play as one. This means you get extra tickets and lottery numbers which is able to consequence to a better probabilities of successful. Imagine having a gaggle of 100 individuals who purchase 10 tickets every, that’s 1000 tickets, 1000 probabilities of successful.

BUT becareful with this concept, as individuals are not belief worthy. The eventual winner of the lottery might betray all of you. So solely be a part of teams with folks you possibly can belief along with your life. And additionally should you win, don’t betray others.

Don’t select consecutive numbers. For instance, suppose you’re taking part in a lottery with 5 successful numbers and you’ve got until quantity 55 to select from.

The complete quantity have to be between 104 and 176. According to research, roughly 70% of lottery winnings fall into this class.

Don’t select a quantity that falls in the identical quantity group or ending with an analogous digit. Although, there’s a risk that you could be win, however the chance could be very low.

Look for extra unpopular video games performed at odd instances. Don’t go for lottery video games that all the time have a winner attempt to discover different unpopular video games.

Most probably, folks will all go to that lottery recreation, so your probability of successful is lesser. Go to the much less widespread, with lesser recreation participant, so your odd of successful is larger.

Some folks are inclined to play lotto primarily based from the numbers of their birthday, or the birthday of a member of the family. If this occurs, you’ll often get extra numbers from 1 to 31, as this corresponds to the times within the calendar methodology.

If you select numbers above 31, this may occasionally not improve your probability of successful however it may well increase your chance of not sharing the prize with anybody.

Keep in thoughts that each quantity within the lottery has an equal chance of being chosen because the successful quantity. There isn’t any software program that might predict the precise successful quantity.

But you possibly can improve your probability of not splitting the jackpot worth should you use the not so widespread quantity.

Play the suitable video games. There are many sorts of lottery video games that you might play. If you be a part of the nationwide lottery draw, there may be a lot broader quantity pool as in contrast with an area or state lottery.

In an area lottery, the odd of successful is excessive in contrast with a nationwide lottery.

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