Curt Field arrested for abducting and assaulting girl in NSW’s Hunter Valley after spectacular car crash

A 3-month manhunt here came to an abrupt end in a spectacular police chase that left an SUV airborne.

Curt Field, 37, from Maitland in NSW’s Hunter Valley, was arrested after an alleged violent confrontation with police on Friday in which 4 officers were injured.

This reportedly led to a car chase that wrecked several police cars earlier than a police car rear-ended the 4WD and sent him spinning.

Field now faces 23 charges after the alleged kidnapping and assault of the woman that sparked the manhunt.

His arrest came when Field was spotted by an off-duty police officer traveling in an allegedly stolen Toyota LandCruiser on a New England highway.

He had been wanted since March when officers investigated an attack on a lady in the Hunter town of Upper Allyn, near Dangog, and a warrant was issued for Field’s arrest.

Curt Field, from Maitland in the north of the state, was arrested on Friday after an alleged standoff with police.

His arrest came after a police car rear-ended the 4WD he was driving (pictured)

On June 2, staff were known at John Hunter Hospital after a woman was admitted with a critical injury requiring a surgical procedure.

It was mentioned that this person had kidnapped her six weeks earlier and was holding her against her will.

The day after that report, police cited Field for assaulting officers throughout the arrest and fleeing in a Jeep Cherokee with an RV.

Field (pictured, arrested on Friday) has been charged with 23 counts of domestic violence and abuse of website visitors

On Friday, Field reportedly rammed two police vehicles and overturned a LandCruiser after being approached by officers in a car park (pictured, overturned car at the scene).

The police pursuit was reportedly called off when the Jeep, trying to avoid highway spikes, crashed into a tree, causing the trailer to detach from the car.

Spotted in the Toyota on Friday, he was accused of ramming two police vehicles when police attempted to intercept him in a parking area earlier than the LandCruiser overturned.

Fields has been charged with 23 counts of domestic violence and misdemeanor counts of misdemeanor assault on a site visitor, as well as abducting or detaining a person with intent to gain and actually cause bodily harm.

The man was refused bail and is at Newcastle Magistrates’ Court on Sunday.

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