Cumberland County recycling totals increase

May 2—Cumberland County’s strong waste regional planning board accepted a 10-year plan to undergo the state to boost recycling inside the county.

“Cumberland County would like to enhance our current centers with additional recycling efforts, enable our centers to upgrade to heavy duty pre-crusher compactors and heavy duty stationary compactors. Centers need to be expanded to handle the population growth in Cumberland County,” the plan states.

Conrad Welch, Cumberland County strong waste director, stated, “We’ve seen lots of improvements over the past few years, but with newer equipment we will definitely see more.”

Welch defined that heavy responsibility pre-crushers can crush bigger objects reminiscent of furnishings into a lot smaller items, saving not solely area, however time for staff and the quantity of journeys strong waste drivers must make to the comfort facilities and to the switch station.

In his annual report, Welch shared that recycling totals have gone from 2,781 tons in 2013 to 4,542 tons in 2023. The county additionally processes and recycles cooking oil, antifreeze, clothes and electronics now.

“We’re recycling as much as we can to keep as much as we can out of the transfer station and landfill,” Welch stated.

The complete weight of family rubbish thrown out in Cumberland County comfort facilities in 2023 was 22,571 tons, Welch reported.

The county encourages the general public to recycle plastic bottles, cans and different objects as a lot as doable.

Welch stated the county has utilized for a grant for brand new tools by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation and has requested the county buy new containers for comfort facilities and tools on the recycling heart that can assist increase recycling totals.

The county simply accepted the acquisition of an eddy magnet that can assist separate metals on the one stream recycling line.

Welch stated the recycling heart wants enlargement within the dumping pad space as a way to course of extra objects. He stated extra tools to deal with tires can be wanted because the county has gone from taking in 594 tons in 2018 to 1,351 tons in 2023.

Other recycling complete will increase included textiles (clothes) from 0 in 2013 as much as 200 tons in 2023; glass from 0 in 2013 to 333 tons in 2023; cardboard from 1,203 tons in 2013 to 1,384 tons in 2023; metal from 378 tons in 2013 to 740 tons in 2023; and batteries from 3.1 tons in 2013 to six tons in 2023.

Members of the strong waste regional planning board embrace Welch, Barry Fields, Everett Bolin, Beth Sherrill, Don Dowdey, David Hassler and Mike Stubbs.

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