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Court: Trump faces new legal problems for different crimes

Trump’s legal woes escalated the same day he was arrested and became the first former president to face a criminal indictment. On Tuesday, a court allowed E. Jean Carroll to include Trump’s remarks against him from a CNN town hall in his libel lawsuit against the president. Trump was found guilty of sexually abusing and beating Carroll in the mid-1990s and defaming her in 2022, despite his denial of the attack, by a unanimous jury on May 9.

He was fined nearly $5 million for causing harm to her. The next day, during a town hall on CNN, Trump attacked her again, forcing Carroll to sue for more damages. In 2019, Carroll also filed a libel suit against Trump. Trial Judge Lewis Kaplan approved Carroll’s request to include damages from CNN’s comments in the 2019 lawsuit. She is seeking $10 million in compensation. In her memoir published in 2019, Carroll claimed that Trump raped her in the mid-1990s at the Bergdorf Goodman store in Manhattan.

In January 2019 (after claiming she made up the rape allegation to sell her book) and November (after making derogatory comments about him on social media), she filed defamation lawsuits against him . While Carroll isn’t the first woman to accuse Trump of sexual assault, hers is the first case to go to trial. During CNN’s disastrous town hall last month, Trump continued to deny all charges and hurled more insults at Carroll. Many of Carroll’s cases have been met with resistance from Trump and his friends.

Two weeks ago, a judge dismissed an attempt to dismiss the defamation lawsuit brought against the former president in 2019 by Trump supporter James H. Brady, who claimed the former president was discriminated against based on his race. On the grounds that he was telling the truth when he denied raping Carroll in 2019, Trump and his legal team last week called for the 2019 lawsuit to be dismissed as well. After that failure, he requested a new trial on the grounds that the $5 million in damages were unfair.

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