Couple pulls up safe with estimated $100k in cash while ‘magnet fishing’ in NYC park: report

A Queens couple pulled a safe with $100,000 in cash inside from the underside of a lake in Corona Park while “magnet fishing,” in line with a report.

The two anglers, James Kane and Barbie Agostini, tossed a line with a robust magnet on the tip into the water on Friday afternoon. When they felt one thing cumbersome on the tip, the pulled out an previous safe.

They had been capable of pry the safe open and discover the invention — which was sadly ruined by the water — wrapped in plastic. 

“It was two stacks of freaking hundreds. Big stacks,” Kane told NY1.

money found in safe
Inside the safe was an estimated $100,000 in cash. NY 1
 James Kane and Barbie Agostini
James Kane and Barbie Agostini discovered the safe while magnet fishing in Corona Park. NY 1

Kane mentioned as veteran magnet fishermen he and Agostini had discovered loads of safes earlier than — most of that are empty, avoid wasting plastic baggage used to carry cash. He anticipated this one to be the identical.

Kane mentioned he swore in shock. Agostini thought he was joking.

“He showed me and once I saw the actual dollars and the security ribbons I lost it,” she mentioned.

Unfortunately, the payments had been “soaking wet, pretty much destroyed,” Kane mentioned.

They known as the NYPD to keep away from any authorized hassle. Various cops arrived simply to take a look at the weird name that had come over the radio. They advised the couple they’d by no means seen something prefer it.

man with a safe
Kane and Agostini pulled the safe out of the water utilizing a magnet connected to a rape. NY 1
safe attached to magnet
The cash was destroyed by the water. NY 1

With no approach to ID the proprietor of the safe, which was probably stolen, Kane and Agostini had been allowed to maintain what they discovered.

“I guess the finders keepers rule worked for us,” Kane mentioned.

The couple first obtained into magnet fishing throughout the pandemic.

“We were borded during covid lockdown and I’ve always had this itch to become a treasure hunter … so we discovered something called magnet fishing,” Kane advised NY1.

He known as the passion “the poor man’s treasure hunting.”

Among their finds embody a WWII-era grenade they pulled out of Sheepshead Bay in Brooklyn and 6 or seven weapons, some courting again to the nineteenth century, in Flushing Meadows alone.

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