Coronation Street star discusses how evil Nathan Curtis has changed

Coronation Street spoilers comply with.

Coronation Street returning star Chris Harper has weighed in on Nathan Curtis’ comeback to the cobbles.

Nathan has returned to Weatherfield amid the disappearance of Lauren Bolton, prompting Bethany Platt to try to join the dots. In a 2016 storyline, Bethany was abused by Nathan, who groomed her for prostitution earlier than she reported him to police.

Now, he is again on the town after being in jail, and he would not appear to have shed his outdated methods, as Harper defined.

embargoed until 28th april 9pm bethany platt and nathan curtisembargoed until 28th april 9pm bethany platt and nathan curtis


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“I really don’t think prison has reformed him in the slightest. In some ways, I think he’s even more clever and more manipulative,” the actor stated.

“He’s hardened, he’s aware that he can take a kicking and he’s aware of the advantages of getting other people into trouble, so he plays people off against the law.”

The cleaning soap star stated his character is all the time “on the lookout for more opportunities to exploit”.

“Give him half an inch and he’ll take a mile. He will spot weaknesses in people and capitalise on them for his own ends,” he stated. “I think if anything he’s got even better at that.”

daniel osbourne, bethany platt, coronation streetdaniel osbourne, bethany platt, coronation street


Being again means he is effectively conscious he may run into Bethany, and he quickly realises that she’s gotten stronger because of her assist community and that it would not be straightforward to govern her this time round.

“I think he tries to stamp his authority and it doesn’t work as well as it did, and that catches him off guard momentarily,” Harper stated.

“She’s definitely grown up. She’s been through a lot, but she’s been lucky enough to be supported by family and friends and there’s a strength she can find in that, so even when she’s faced with the snake, she can stand up to it a bit.

“He’s not used to that, so not having the ability to push her over anymore means he’ll transfer on fairly rapidly. But I think about he’ll spend a whole lot of time loitering and making his presence felt.”

daniel osbourne, bethany platt, coronation streetdaniel osbourne, bethany platt, coronation street


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As as to if Nathan has something to do with Lauren’s disappearance, Harper did not shut down the potential of his baddie being concerned in some capability.

“All the indicators are there – the similarities in Lauren’s behaviour earlier than she disappeared, her vulnerability, all actually ring bells with what Bethany went by way of,” he said.

“It wasn’t so way back that Bethany was at a petroleum station on a motorway about to be smuggled over to Europe, so we all know that Nathan’s ruthless and issues may have been even worse for Bethany.

“I think if you watch that slippery slope, you recognise the behaviour. You recognise the situation she was in, and it could definitely be Nathan who’s been involved in one way or another.”

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