Commonwealth Bank app outage: Netbank down, current stability unavailable, Commsec down

A major Commonwealth Bank failure has left tens of millions of Australians unable to access or exchange cash.

Customers received a “current balance not available” message on Monday morning after they tried to enter the app.

Internet banking customers also cannot enter their accounts or transfer cash online.

The Commsec app may also be down due to many potential customers, with others reporting that ATMs are additionally affected.

The Commonwealth Bank has launched an emergency investigation into the outage.

“We are aware that some customers are having problems accessing some of our services and we are urgently investigating,” the financial institution wrote on social media.

We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. We will offer a replacement soon.

The replacement of the financial institution sparked a fierce backlash from 1,000s of Australians left stranded and unable to afford day-to-day requirements similar to groceries, medication and petrol.

“Very frustrating not being able to do anything this morning because I don’t have the money to do the errands,” said one.

One girl added: “Just had to stop shopping at Coles because I couldn’t transfer money from one account to my card account.”

Another wrote: “Great to get medicine for my sick kids at the pharmacy. Thank you Commbank.’

What you want to know about the Commonwealth Bank outage:

Is the Commonwealth Bank app unavailable?

Both the Commonwealth Bank app and Netbank’s online banking businesses are out of reach for tens of millions of consumers.

Which Commbank companies are disabled?

Commbank app, Commsec app, Netbank and Commsec website will be unavailable for some customers.

Has the Commonwealth Bank been hacked?

The Commonwealth Bank has not revealed why the web bank and app will not work. Daily Mail Australia has contacted the financial institution for comment.

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