Colleen Ballinger Health 2023: Weight Loss Before and After

After recent allegations and controversies, fans want to know more about Colleen Ballinger’s health. Has she lost weight? Let’s find out.

Colleen Mae Ballinger is an American comedian and YouTuber. Besides that, she is also an actress, singer, and writer.

She is best known for her internet persona Miranda Sings, which she uses to upload videos to YouTube.

The comedian is also known for producing and starring in the Netflix original series Haters Back Off and bringing her one-man comedy show to theaters around the world.

Ballinger has made appearances in theatre, television, recordings, and web series as an actress and singer.

The actress starred as Miranda Sings on Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee with Jerry Seinfeld, among other talk shows, and she also played Dawn on the Broadway version of Waitress.

Additionally, she participated in the web series Escape the Night (2018-2019) and made three appearances on The Tonight Show.

Selp-Helf and My Diarrhe are two other best-selling books written with Miranda’s voice by Ballinger.

Colleen Ballinger Health 2023: Weight Loss Before and After

Colleen Ballinger has no health issues in 2023. The comedian opened up about her extreme weight loss journey last year.

Ballinger often engages in weight loss activities and recently lost considerable weight. You might even envy the YouTuber because she hardly ever works out and had a natural pregnancy.

Colleen has always had a slim build and she has even mentioned in her vlogs that she was underweight before pregnancy.

She now feels comfortable with her current weight. After that, when Colleen was performing on Broadway, she lost a lot of weight due to bad eating habits.

Going through her channels while following the fitness program, we couldn’t learn anything about what she was doing. However, the actress claimed that she was told not to exercise for six weeks after giving birth to the child.

Colleen claimed in her YouTube videos that she was losing weight and now eating normally. She does not adhere to any rigid diet or other diet to maintain her slim figure.

Two hours after the YouTuber woke up, she had a coffee with almond milk and vanilla cream to start her day.

The actress added that she doesn’t eat breakfast and doesn’t like to eat in the morning because it makes her feel sick.

Other than that, maybe Colleen eats in moderation and sometimes tries to make healthy food choices.

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Colleen Ballinger Controversy and Recent Allegations: Is the YouTuber Arrested?

There is no proof yet of the arrest of the famous YouTuber Colleen Ballinger. It is therefore safe to assume that the comedian is not arrested.

However, the allegations and controversy surrounding his interactions with fans who were underage at the time were discussed all over the internet.

One of Colleen’s fans, Adam, came out and accused Colleen of asking her inappropriate questions when he was underage and sent her lingerie as a joke.

Additionally, he claimed that Colleen cut him off after she briefly took over Miranda Sings’ Twitter account by divulging too many intimate facts about her divorce.

Colleen posted an apology video on YouTube in response to the accusations. The YouTuber clarified that she initially refrained from responding to the accusations since the fan’s mother sent her a message asking her to avoid raising her son.

She believed it was because of his silence that the disputed recordings from more than a decade ago were brought up.

Colleen admitted full responsibility for her conduct in the video apology and insisted that no malice was intentional.

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