Coco _ koma 0nlyf0ns released on twitter and reddit, Coco Koma videos and photos

She’s a training aide by day and maker of OnlyF by evening. The college board where she functions provided a last chance. Give up your extracurriculars or obtain discharged.

Instead of closing down her OnlyF account and various other social networks accounts she produced under the pseudonym Ava James, Canadian mentor aide Kristin MacDonald made a decision to eliminate her college board.

Teaching aides take care of material on part of college boards. MacDonald’s problems started after she undertook back surgical procedure in lateApril The college area where she operates in Vancouver informed her they had actually obtained issues concerning her social networks tasks as Ava James.

She thinks she has actually taken all the essential safety measures to divide her 2 globes. Because of that, and with the union backing them, MacDonald persevered. “I think I can move on,” she stated. “I didn’t hurt anyone. I didn’t break the law. That’s why I’m here now.”

Before McDonald was educated of the issue, she exposed in a meeting that she had actually listened to a report that several of her coworkers may have seen among her TikTok videos including Ava James.

“I’ve heard rumors that some of my co-workers came across Ava’s TikTok…,” MacDonald stated. “And Ava likes to do her TikToks in bikinis. So I think they have a problem with that.”


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