Cnr Researcher Maria Prati Wikipedia And Age: Accident And Death

Get information about Maria Prati wikipedia and her age when the CNR researcher died in a car explosion. Learn more about the accident.

Last Friday, a 66-year-old Italian scientific researcher of Polish origin died in an accident on the Naples bypass.

Prati and his 25-year-old assistant were driving an experimental automobile when it caught fire.

Fulvio Filace, a student intern who was riding with her in the experimental hybrid vehicle and was involved in the explosion, was also hospitalized following the incident at Cardarelli’s burn unit.

The young man had surgery today and will undergo another procedure tomorrow. His prognosis is still private.

The Naples public prosecutor’s office opened an investigation into the incident – initially against unidentified people – in which a Cnr executive was heard today.

In addition, the seizure of a Volkswagen Polo Tdi prototype used in the “Life-Save” project, which was testing the feasibility of adding an electric motor and solar-powered batteries to combustion engine vehicles to reduce emissions into the environment, was also commissioned.

Maria Prati Wikipedia and age: How old was the CNR researcher before his death?

Maria Prati was 66 at the time of her death. Also, the CNR researcher was not listed on the official Wikipedia page.

The engineer spent thirty years working at the Scientific Research Center (CNR) of the Institute of Engines of Naples. She was an expert in the fields of alternative fuels and emissions studies.

She was considered an expert in the scientific community in the areas of alternative fuels and emissions studies.

The researcher was born Maria Vittoria Prati to her parents in 1957 in Italy. The identity of his parents has not been revealed.

But the CRN researcher has Italian nationality, but she just a family of Polish descent.

She stayed in the hospital for four days. Professor Romolo Villani, director of the Cardarella Severe Burns Unit, has confirmed his death.

She traveled in a hybrid Volkswagen Polo Tdi, combining fuel and solar panels. The car was part of the “Life-Save” project, which tested photovoltaic technologies in combustion vehicles to reduce polluting emissions.

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Maria Prati accident: how did the researcher die?

CNR researcher Maria Vittoria Prati, 66, who was on board the experimental car when it exploded last Friday on the Naples ring road, did not survive.

Ninety percent of the woman’s body had third-degree burns, and doctors at Cardarelli Hospital, where she died today, said her condition was critical.

According to what is known so far, the huge explosion, which fortunately did not include other cars, was caused by the cylinders, the contents of which are still unknown; a fire department report will reveal what gases they contained.

As part of the investigation supervised by the Naples Public Prosecutor’s Office (Sixth Department, Substitute Prosecutor Simona Di Monte), the official was questioned by the traffic police this morning.

The vehicle identical to the one that sank, which the Stradale in Fisciano confiscated, will be used for any other investigation that the Neapolitan investigation office may soon subcontract to experts.

Today the University of Salerno, which according to some reports was the owner of the crashed car, refuted that claim.

The Neapolitan deputy Francesco Emilio Borrelli (Avs) always follows the news closely, asking for clarification on still obscure details of the incident, and announcing a parliamentary inquiry.

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