Clarence Avant Siblings: How Many Brother And Sister Does She Have?

American Music Executive, ” The Black Godfather “died on 13 August 2023 at ninety-two. People are eager to know about the details of the Clarence Avant Siblings and his family.

Clarence Alexander Avant was an American film producer, music records Executive, and film producer and businessman.

Avant was linked with several record labels, including Venture Records Inc., Sussex Records, Tabu Records, and Motown Records.

The Black Godfather Clarence began his journey in the music business in the 1950s as a manager of Teddy P’s Lounge in New Jersey, owner by promoter Teddy Powell.

After working as a managing agent in the music industry for more than one decade, in November 1962, Clarence Avant incorporated Avant Garde Enterprises, Inc in New York, and the journey to the legacy began.

Clarence Avant Siblings: How Many Brother And Sisters Does She Have?

Clarence Avant was born in Climax, North Carolina as the oldest son of his parents and the eldest brother of his seven siblings.

Clarence has four younger brothers and three younger sisters. He is the loving eldest bruvver for his sisters Ann M. Avant, Brenda Avant, and Linda Wood.

Similarly, he was also the responsible brother to his younger Weldon L. Avant, Willian E. Avant, Paul A. Avant, and Harold L. Avant.

The personal and professional life of Clarence Avant’s siblings is not available in reliable sources. However, some of them are incredible contributions to society. 

Avant’s sister Brenda is the planet marketing and Intele travel Business owner. She has managed Advanve Avant LLC since 2000. Similarly, another younger sister, Linda, was also engaged in the entrepreneurship and business modules.

 Moreover, before Clarence, his brother Weldon Avant bid farewell to the family and waited for his elder brother in heaven. Weldon died in January 2005.

Furthermore, William owns the Avant & Donald Real State, and Paul and Harold are associated with the business venture in Virginia.

The Avant siblings all are settled and has their own family and circle with whom they can spend their life happily. Therefore, the deceased Clarence Avant can rest eternally without worrying about his little brothers and sisters.

Clarence Avant’s Wife And Children

Clarence was married to the love of his life Jacqueline “Jackie” Alberta Gray, in 1967. The couple was blessed with two kids, elder daughter Nicole Avant, born in 1968, and son Alexander Du Bois Avant, born in 1971.

His wife Jackie served as president of the Neighbours of Watts, a -a support group for the South Central Community Child Care Centre.

Similarly, Clarence Avant’s wife was also chairwoman of NOW membership and on the board of directors of the International Student Center at UCLA.

Unfortunately, in December 2021, at eighty-one, Jacqueline was shot and killed during a home invasion at their residence in Beverly Hills.

The Avant couple survived by their precious daughter and son. Their daughter Nicole is the former United States Ambassador to the Bahamas.

Clarence Avant’s daughter is married to Ted Sarados-an Executive at Netflix. The couple is blessed with two adorable children.

They often post their pictures on their social media account, and their photographs serve as happy family moments. 

Additionally, the youngest of the family, Alex Avant, is the actor and producer, and he is best known for his performance in Perfect Match.

Clarence Avant’s whole family is in a stable state of their life financially. However, their emotional state is currently fragile. May god grace them with enough strength to deal with the profound loss.

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