Christian Cavaliere, a businessman who skipped professional golf, is at the US Open

NEW JERSEY, United States. ~ Golfer Christian Cavaliere sewn. Sewer gulf. He shot 67-69 Monday at Canoe Brook Country Club in Summit, New Jersey, to qualify for the US Open. Cavaliere, 25, had wanted to be a professional golfer. He was All-ACC Academic and All-New England at Boston College from 2016 to 2019. From 2017 to 2019, he won three consecutive Westchester Amateur Championships at Winged Foot. He was known for his creative clothing at Boston College. Cavaliere donated handcrafted hats from her Chestnut Hill dorm. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic sent everyone home for Cavaliere’s senior spring. He didn’t want to stop creating. In her parents’ home in Katonah, New York, Cavaliere expanded her business from hats to headwear.

Cavaliere recalls making prototypes on his mother’s sewing machine in March 2020. “A few friends wanted it and it took off. It was unexpected. I kept doing it because people liked it. Three of my friends worked in my parents’ dining room that first summer. Kelly Cavaliere, who taught her how to sew, was also on the inaugural team. Cavaliere started Tremont Sporting Co. as PinPoint Custom Studio. The brand manufactures custom headwear, yardage books, roster covers, and Dopp kits. Hats are still available. Tremont honors the company’s Boston roots. Tremont Street was named after the three hills of Boston, Trimountaine, which was shortened to Tremont.

Golf stores across America carry Tremont products. The company distributes merchandise through professional stores at Hudson National Golf Club and Sleepy Hollow Golf Club and has partnerships with colleges in Arkansas, Notre Dame and Tennessee. Cavaliere thrives outside of its relationship with the Metropolitan Golf Association region. Tremont’s achievement changed Cavaliere’s golf career. His professional goals diminished as the business prospered. With Notre Dame on hold in the fall of 2020, Cavaliere has changed his mind about using his fifth year of NCAA eligibility. He took his sewing machine to Florida to run the business and play golf.

Cavaliere has spent the summer of 2021 “simulating tour life” by attending amateur events throughout. He couldn’t ignore the opportunity as Tremont’s earnings funded the trip. “If I hadn’t started the business, I probably would have turned pro,” he adds. Cavaliere spends much of his time growing his business. He never gave up golf. He likes the reduced grind on the course.

His game has improved, he says. It’s hilarious because I’m still a swing technique neurotic dude, so I’m going to work on the court after work and on the weekends and play as much as I can. But I play a lot less, maybe twice a week, and during the winter I took two months off, so yeah, less golf, but better golf. Cavaliere’s buddies and colleagues live in the ecology of the Tremont golf course. He credits his fellow pros for getting him back on the course this winter. He follows them. “A few guys played really well for a week in March, and I thought I had to sign up for some tournaments this summer. I’m glad I signed up for the US Open qualifier. Did he think he could reach The LACC? No such expectations. The local qualifier was my first competition since mid-September. I played well. I just wanted to compete again. I love the competition. We’ll see.”

Cavaliere will avoid telling his supervisor that he needs a week off. Cavaliere, the boss, is ready to be a week late. “I have a stack of design work that I have to get to,” he told the Canoe Brook Country Club, carrying his US Open certificate of attendance. “I have to check the shop guys. They defend Florida. However, time sharing worked for me, so I can continue. Christian Cavaliere embraces his jostling side again. Only this time, that secondary hustle is being played out at the US Open in front of thousands of fans in person and millions more on TV around the world.

Kelly, Christian’s mother and initial co-couturer, left Tremont last October as planned. She has watched her son struggle to choose business over golf over the years. She saw Christian advance to the US Open on Monday in his Tremont hat and headwear. He is diligent. Kelly called him dedicated, disciplined, a perfectionist and a wonderful person. I think he can do whatever he wants. He will do it.

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