Chris Printup Wife: Is Born X Raised Co-Founder Spanto Married? Family

Chris Printup Wife: Netizens are researching the married life of the Born X Raised co-founder after his death. Let’s get to know more in this writing.

Chris Printup, aka Spanto, was a famous streetwear designer from Venice. Additionally, he was one of eight artists on Fuse’s “The Canvas: Los Angeles.”

Besides that, Spanto was mainly famous for being the co-founder of a popular record label named Born X Raised. Not to mention, the brand makes t-shirts, sweatshirts, shoes, and hats with unique LA-centric designs.

Meanwhile, Chris was also featured in the first episode of a new documentary series about Los Angeles artists. The first 20-minute episode of The Canvas intercuts interviews with Spanto and depicts him filming a Born X Raised commercial in Venice with the Crenshaw Skate Club.

Spanto was loved by many people and recently the news of his death was shared, after a car accident shocked everyone.

Chris Printup Wife: Is Born X Raised Co-Founder Spanto Married?

No, Chris Printup was not married and had no wife. The Born X Raised co-founder has never openly discussed his love life with the media.

Due to lack of information, none of the verified media outlets were able to cover details regarding Chris’ romantic relationships.

Thus, it is believed that Printup has always maintained high confidentiality in his personal life and kept it confidential rather than sharing the information with the tabloids.

Besides that, Spanto has never been involved in any rumors or controversies in the past. From there, many people speculated that Chris led a single life and primarily prioritized his professional life.

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A look at the family life of Chris Printup

The Chris Printup family mourns the death of their beloved member, who died in a car accident. Apparently, Chris was born to his parents in Venice, America.

His father’s It is said to be Butch, while his mother’s name remains unclear as Chris has never spoken about it openly in the public domain.

Additionally, Spanto was raised alongside his siblings, and one of his siblings is Jared Ivins-Massey, a member of the White Mountain Apache and Navajo tribes who is also a social media specialist and program assistant for UNITY.

The Printup family experienced a tragic moment in their lives when Butch passed away in early 2023.

Chris Printup Ethnicity and Religion

Chris Printup was mixing : half Apache and half Seneca. During this time, it is unknown what religion Chris followed, but many believe he may have had faith in Jesus.

As said earlier, he is famously associated with Born X Raised which also reflects his childhood. Not only that, but his native heritage is also present throughout the campaign.

Apparently, Printup is a fifth-generation Venetian whose family has lived here for almost 100 years. Spanto once said that his grandparents helped build Venice. So, Chris even sported a Venice tattoo on his stomach and a V tattoo on his arm.

As Chris is no longer alive, Genius Celebs also sends its sincere condolences to all family and friends.

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