Chris Minns Children: Meet His Sons Joe, Nick And George Minns

Who are Chris Minns children? The family life of the Australian politician has been highlighted recently after his views on corruption.

Christopher John Minns currently holds the position of the 47th Premier of New South Wales, assuming office on March 28, 2023.

The Australian politician affiliated with the Australian Labor Party (ALP) represents the electoral district of Kogarah in the New South Wales Legislative Assembly.

Chris Minns has been involved in politics for several years and has held various roles within the ALP.

He has focused on education, health, and community development during his political career.

Chris has also actively advocated for better infrastructure and services for his constituents. Now let’s learn some deets about his family and upbringing.

Chris Minns Children: Meet His Sons Joe, Nick And George 

The politician, Chris Minns, is a proud father of three sons- Joe, Nick, and George Minns.

He is married to Anna. Despite the couple having kept their children’ details private, they have shared how they two met and began their married life.

Joining the Labor Party marked the beginning of Chris Minns’ political journey and introduced him to his wife.

They were introduced by Labor MP Tony Burke back in 1999 when Anna volunteered for the party.

Minns fondly recalls the moment he first saw Anna at Beverly Hills Pizza Hut, declaring that he knew she was the one.

Anna, in turn, described her future husband as “very cute” and “confident” when they met.

She has a successful career of her own, working as a criminal prosecutor for the Department of Public Prosecutions and bringing the recycling company TerraCycle from America to Australia and New Zealand.

Furthermore, Anna is also the CEO and co-founder of Boomerang Labs, a company that supports entrepreneurs in commercializing businesses.

After Chris’s return from Princeton, Anna pursued her business opportunities, and Minns cared for their sons before deciding to run for parliament.

More On The Politician: Chris Minns Family And Career

Chris Minns, the son of a school principal, grew up in the St George region of Sydney, specifically in Penshurst.

He studied at Marist College Kogarah and earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of New England in Armidale.

He further pursued his education at Princeton University in the United States, earning a Master’s in Public Policy in 2012-2013.

Throughout his career, Minns has been involved in various sectors, including working for a youth mental health charity and serving as a firefighter.

He also held the position of assistant secretary of the NSW Labor Party and as an advisor to the NSW government.

Minns joined the Australian Labor Party at 18 in 1998 and was later elected as a member for Kogarah in 2015.

He supports the NRL club, the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs, and is affiliated with Labor’s Right faction.

Minns’ political career began when he became a Penshurst Ward councillor of the Hurstville City Council in 2004, and from 2007 to 2008, he held the position of deputy mayor.

In the 2023 New South Wales state election held on March 25, he successfully led the Labor Party to victory, defeating the incumbent Liberal-National Coalition.

This marked the first time Labor returned to power at the state level since 2011.

Following the election, the Health Services Union accused the Minns government of being slow to remove the current 3 per cent limit on pay rises.

In a recent development, NSW Premier Chris Minns has taken action against one of his cabinet ministers.

Chris referred Minister for the Hunter, Tim Crakanthorp, to the corruption watchdog and requested him to step down.

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