Charleston Animal Society mourns Animal Education Ambassador

Sadly, one of the Charleston Animal Society’s most beloved educational animal ambassadors recently passed away. In a Facebook post on June 26, the shelter revealed that the bunny known as “Tom Selleck” had passed away. According to the Charleston Animal Society, Tom and around seventy-eight other rabbits were rescued from a terrible hoarding problem in 2014 and brought to the shelter together. In the shelter’s classroom, he and another rabbit named “JWoww” were the first educational animal ambassadors to call it home.

Tom was an educational animal ambassador for eight and a half years, during which time he made appearances. He developed a close relationship with JWoww during this time and “never was quite the same” until his passing in 2020. According to what is written in the post, Tom “impacted everyone whom he met”. Everyone who knew Tom, whether they were students, parents, benefactors visiting the shelter, or members of our own family from the Charleston Animal Society, adored him. It was literally hard not to, with his dashing mustache, dainty little figure that looked like a toasted marshmallow, and, of course, his affable demeanor.

“While we are absolutely devastated by this loss and wish we could spend one more day with our cute little man, we are at peace knowing he is reunited with his best friend once again,” the statement added. “We are at peace knowing he is reunited with his best friend again.” Thank you so much to all the participants, volunteers and staff of our youth program who have helped and loved Tom over the past eight years. Thanks to all of your efforts, Tom has grown into a contented and pampered little bunny.

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