Charles Egbuniwe, 22, of Knoxville identified as Fort Loudon Lake drowning victim

KNOXVILLE – Charles Egbuniwe, 22, of Knoxville, was identified as the guy who died June 10 after falling into the water while swimming from a boat on Fort Loudoun Lake in Concord Park. Sonar was used to discover Egbuniwe’s body after witnesses helped the Knox County Rescue Team determine the location of the area where Egbuniwe disappeared underwater. According to the press release, the object was recovered by a diver around 4:50 p.m.

According to a statement made by a representative of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency in a press release, Egbuniwe exited the boat around 2:00 p.m., swam to shore, dove underwater, and did not reappear. This accident is the thirteenth fatal boating-related accident to occur in the state so far in 2018. When boating or swimming, the Department of Water Resources suggests always wearing a state-approved life jacket. United States Coast Guard.

Reach out with something like a fishing rod, branch, oar, towel, or whatever else you can think of to grab the victim and pull them to safety. If you are unable to reach the victim and you do not have a boat handy, you should throw a personal flotation device (PFD) or other object that will float. If a rowboat is available, you should row to the victim and then drag them to the back of the boat using an oar or paddle if you have one. As you paddle closer to land, let the victim hold on to the stern of the boat. Hold the victim until help arrives, even if they are too weak to move. If you are in a motor boat, you should turn off the engine and approach the victim from the lee side.

A victim should not be approached by swimmers who have not been trained in lifesaving techniques. Instead, you should get help. If you have no choice but to swim, bring anything that can float with you to put some distance between you and the person you are trying to help. If you see someone struggling while swimming, remember to “Reach, Throw, Row, Jump”.

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