CBN: Who Is Scott Ross Wife Nedra Talley? Kids And Family

People are curious to know about Scott Ross Wife Nedra Talley. Ross underwent a conversion experience and concentrated his professional efforts on the emerging contemporary Christian music scene. 

Let’s get to know about Scott first. He started “The Scott Ross Show,” a new syndicated radio program, at the beginning of the 1970s. At its height, more than 200 stations carried the program.

Ross eventually found employment with CBN, which had The Family Channel among its channels then. Ross got his start as a radio host on the neighborhood CBN station. 

His occasionally contentious remarks frequently infuriated the predominantly conservative Christian audience. 

Ross was a prominent interviewer on “The 700 Club,” frequently speaking with people in the entertainment industry, some of whom he had known before his conversion to religion.

He hosted his talk program, “Scott Ross,” for three years. 

He ran his own talk show for three years called “Scott Ross Straight Talk,” which had a framework similar to “The Phil Donahue Show” but was from the viewpoint of an evangelical Christian. 

Ross received two CableACE nominations for this program. Be with us till the end to learn about Scott Ross wife Nedra Talley.

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CBN: Who Is Scott Ross Wife Nedra Talley?

Scott Ross wife Nedra Talley, now known as Nedra Talley-Ross, is a retired American singer. Nedra is currently 77 years old. After all these years Scott and his wife were in very good terms with each other.

She is best recognized for her time spent performing with her cousins Ronnie and Estelle Bennett in the girl group the Ronettes. Talley is the final surviving original member of the group as of 2022. 

She was born on January 27, 1946. Ten years after the Ronettes’ founding, Talley and Estelle Bennett quit the group in 1967. 

The group’s producer Phil Spector, who later wed Ronnie Bennett, is said to have interfered in the breakup somewhat.

Talley claimed that she converted to Christianity after meeting her future husband, Scott Ross. 

Talley decided to leave the Ronettes because she believed there wasn’t much of a market for songs with a Christian influence.

Ted Sandquist, the music director of Talley’s church, had written a number of Christian hymns, which she recorded in 1977.

Kids And Family Of Nedra Talley

Talley is of Puerto Rican, Native American, and African American ancestry. Scott Ross is her husband, a former DJ who now does interviews for The 700 Club on the Christian Broadcasting Network.

They have four kids together. She was a businesswoman engaged in real estate as of 2007. She and her spouse reside in Virginia Beach.

Scott claims to live in suburban Chesapeake, a short drive from Robertson’s CBN headquarters in Virginia Beach, in a state of love for rather than in defiance of his lily-white neighbors. 

Scott is proud of his beautiful multiracial family, which now has four children and three grandchildren, one born out of wedlock. 

On March 5, 1967, Scott and Nedra were married and vanished into Bibleland.

For starters, Scott had given up his enlightened licentiousness to follow in the footsteps of his apostolic preacher’s father and preach Fire and Brimstone.

Their family might be devastated by the news of Scott’s death. When Scott received an exceedingly dire cancer diagnosis in 2015, he was temporarily sidelined. 

The struggle with his health taught him a lot about the Lord. Scott’s major contributions to the 700 Club and CBN’s global ministry will live on in memory for a very long time. 

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