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Carlos Ortiz hired as New Midland ISD Police Chief

MARYLAND, USA – The position of Chief of Police for the Midland Independent School District has been recruited and successfully filled. The person who will succeed Carlos Ortiz as representative of this district will be Carlos Ortiz, and June 26 will be his first day on the job. Ortiz has over 27 years of law enforcement experience, and he brings that experience to his current role as he spent the last few years working for the United States Border Patrol.

In addition to that, he served in the Marine Corps and worked for the Department of Public Safety in Midland. Midland is located in the state of Michigan. Ortiz expressed excitement about the opportunity to bring his law enforcement knowledge and experience to MISD, and he said, “I’m very excited about this opportunity.” Ortiz is excited to bring his law enforcement expertise and years of experience to MISD. Because ensuring everyone’s safety and well-being is my top priority, I will put a lot of effort into ensuring that our law enforcement is better trained and equipped than it has ever been in the past. This will be done by ensuring that they have access to more modern technology.

Ortiz has deep ties to the Permian Basin due to the fact that he received his high school diploma in Stanton and his undergraduate studies in criminal justice in Odessa. Both of these institutions are located in the city of Odessa. These two establishments are both in the state of Texas.

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