Carlisha Hood Video: Woman and Son Arrested Over Jeremy Brown Death

Carlisha Hood Video: Woman and Son Arrested Over Jeremy Brown Death

A video of Carlisha Hood and her son shooting Jeremy Brown has surfaced online. The duo were arrested for their role in the murder of Brown which initially sparked the altercation which turned bloody.

As mentioned above, the man started punching Carlisha when a verbal squabble quickly turned into a physical fight.

The viral video of Carlisha Hood’s altercation with a guy, which was followed by her son shooting the same man, sparked a discussion about who was at fault.

Carlisha Hood Video: Woman and Son Arrested Over Jeremy Brown Death

On Sunday, June 18, the event took place inside Maxwell Street Express, a restaurant on Chicago’s Far South Side.

Currently, Carlisha and her 14-year-old son are charged in connection with the fatal shooting. Hood and his son were both charged with first-degree murder, but Chicago police also charged Hood with coercing a minor to kill someone.

Prosecutors say Hood and another man got into a verbal altercation inside the restaurant and the other man then punched Hood repeatedly.

The Hood kid was prompted by this to grab his mother’s gun and shoot the man. Three shots were fired at the individual, who died later that night.

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Some customers posted a video of the argument in the restaurant’s queue on Twitter.

A user using the @HelloKennedi handle shared the video in which the man, identified as Jeremy Brown, is seen punching Hood before a shot is fired. The commentator felt that the man had obtained justice.

When the initial punch was thrown, the child allegedly drew a gun, but the assailant continued to punch. As a result, Hood’s son fired the first shot at the assailant, hitting him in the back.

According to court records, there was a witness inside the restaurant who amused and encouraged the incident. Hood and his son pursued Brown as he attempted to flee the area.

When Hood told the youth to shoot and kill the man, the boy allegedly continued shooting him. The 32-year-old received two more gunshot wounds to the back before being quickly pronounced dead.

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