Carlisha Hood Video: Mother and Son Arrested and Charged in Jeremy Brown’s Murder

Carlisha Hood’s video is trending on the internet and has also been shared on social media. Learn more about the murder of Jeremy Brown.

Carlisha Hood is a 35 year old female from Orangefield, Saint Catherine, Jamaica, living in Chicago, Illinois.

According to her Facebook bio, she has worked at Notary Public since October 16, 2021. Likewise, she is also a tax specialist/consultant.

Regarding her educational background, Hood went to Gage Park High School and later studied at City Colleges of Chicago. Currently, Hood has been in the news for a few days following the recent murder of Jeremy Brown.

Carlisha Hood’s video went viral on Twitter

Carlisha Hood’s video caught the public’s attention. Recently, Hood got into a verbal argument with a 32-year-old man named Jeremy Brown at a restaurant.

It was reported that Hood started texting his son, who was waiting for him in the car. Moreover, the argument quickly escalated and turned physical.

Brown reportedly hit Hood three times in the head. Shortly before the punches, Hood’s son walked through the door of the restaurant.

After the first punch, Carlisha’s teenage son took , but the man continued to hit Hood. So the boy shot the man in the back.

The moment was captured by people at the restaurant, and later it was posted on several social media platforms. The video is now going viral everywhere.

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Mother and son arrested and charged in Jeremy Brown murder

A mother named Carlisha Hood and her son, believed to be Vernell, face a first-degree murder charge. In addition to this, Carlisha was also accused of contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Speaking of the incident, Carlisha was inside the Maxwell Street Express looking for food when an argument broke out between her and Jeremy Brown on Sunday.

Hood was said to be son during the dispute, and he entered. But some people have denied this and say Hood did not text her son or order him to shoot the man she had a fight with.

After Hood was punched, Vernell pulled out a gun and shot Brown in the back. As Brown tried to flee, the boy chased after him and shot him again.

Following the injuries, Brown was pronounced dead. After the teenager stopped shooting, Hood allegedly told his son to shoot Brown’s girlfriend as well, as she laughed and encouraged Brown during the argument.

Additionally, police also released a video in which Hood can be seen trying to grab his son’s gun, but he pushed it away and they both got in the car to drive away. After that, the police searched for them, but the mother-son duo turned themselves in on Wednesday.

Where is Carlisha Hood now?

Carlisha Hood and her son have already been arrested and face murder charges. It is reported that bond has been set for Hood at $3 million.

On the other hand, the teenager is being held in Cook County Juvenile Custody. No other information was shared.

On top of that, people are fundraising, and Hood’s family is also fundraising to help out. A fundraiser has been set up on GiveSendGo. Meanwhile, someone close to Hood also said they did not raise funds on GoFundMe.

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