Can new McDonald’s Cajun chicken sandwich match Popeyes? Take a look at the taste test

Is a chicken sandwich simply a chicken sandwich?

Not in the case of McDonald’s and Popeyes.

McDonald’s has a new Bacon Cajun Ranch McCrispy sandwich. The fast-food chain launched two new, restricted version chicken sandwiches. We tried them so that you don’t must. But you actually ought to.

The official McDonald’s take is that it’s “inspired by soul food flavors of the South, with a bold, creamy and spicy Cajun ranch sauce, applewood smoked bacon and crisp crinkle cut pickles, all served on a warm toasted potato roll.”

But we needed to give it our personal taste test.

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Is the new spicy chicken sandwich good?

McDonald’s introduces a new spicy chicken sandwich to its McCrispy family.McDonald’s introduces a new spicy chicken sandwich to its McCrispy family.

McDonald’s introduces a new spicy chicken sandwich to its McCrispy household.

The Bacon Cajun Ranch McCrispy and the Bacon Cajun Ranch Deluxe delivered on a few fronts. One with out lettuce and tomato and one with all the belongings you love about the conventional McDonald’s chicken sandwich, however with a contact of Chick-fil-A texture and added pickle. The sauce is billed as a “bold, creamy and spicy Cajun ranch sauce” and that’s principally true. It’s like Big Mac particular sauce, however with a spicy kick.

We gathered a few chicken sandwich connoisseurs to assist with the onerous work and analysis wanted to attract an goal conclusion. Turns out, it was a hit.

McDonald’s vs. Popeyes

We in contrast the Bacon Cajun Ranch McCrispies to the Popeyes spicy chicken sandwich that was all the rage a few years in the past. We graded the sandwiches on a scale of 1 (lowest) to five (highest) on the foundation of taste, spice and texture.


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