Bunnings Jeep driver left with brutal remarks after parking in 4 zones

Furious Bunnings consumers have left a number of brutal remarks to the Jeep driver about parking in 4 spaces.

The messages contained hurtful, crude insults that gave the thoughtless driver a clue as to what his knowledge of parking was.

One of the notes on the scrap paper says, “You’re crazy! A scar.

Another used a children’s notebook with a cartoon of children stacking alphabet blocks to get their point across.

‘Congratulations! You park like crazy. Back to school for you.

The car was parked at Bunnings, Balcat, Perth.

Furious Bunnings shoppers have left a number of brutal remarks for a Jeep driver about parking in four spaces

Balcat residents in Perth posts angry, foul-mouthed insults that tell the careless driver exactly what they think of his or her parking skills.

The fact that one of the angry notes was typed rather than handwritten led to much curiosity after the photos were posted online.

“We all need a stash of these cards in our car,” wrote one girl, while others asked if anyone knew where to find such ready-made notes.

Some urged that the owner of the Jeep was not essentially a rude parker, but perhaps simply wanted to minimize the chance of their car being scratched.

If that was the case, one of the best ways to deal with one’s fears, he said, was to play on one’s fears, leaving the observer apologizing for the “damage” done.

“The best note to leave is ‘I’m sorry I accidentally scratched your car. You might not even notice!” they wrote.

‘Of course you didn’t do anything. They didn’t care about the embarrassment, but they will have one thing going on in their precious, precious car that wants 4 seats to keep out of harm’s way.

Others urged using the overstock to teach the Jeep driver a lesson.

An offended shopper used a child’s pocketbook with a cartoon of youngsters stacking alphabet blocks to reach their level.

One of the notes on the scrap paper says, “You’re crazy! a scar

“Someone needs to put all the carts around the car,” one wrote.

Under the City of Perth’s Local Parking Act 2017, drivers can only occupy multiple parking spaces if their car is too large to fit in one regular parking space.

“A person shall not stop or park a vehicle in a parking lot that is not fully parked or parked if the parking lot has parking spaces or parking spaces,” reads one of the many docs. guidelines.

“(If) a City of Perth Parking Act 2017 vehicle is too wide or too long to fit entirely in a single parking space or metered space … it must be placed in the minimum number of parking spaces or metered spaces required to accommodate it. ‘

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