Bruno D’Amore, his wife Jill and his mother Lucia Arpino died in Newton MA stabbed

Death of Bruno D’Amore – According to law enforcement, three elderly residents of a home in suburban Boston, including two celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, appear to have been stabbed and beaten to death in a burglary this week-end. According to Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan, an associate of the couple contacted 911 around 10:15 a.m. on Sunday June 26, 2023 to report that the couple and a family member appeared to have died inside their Newton home, Massachusetts.

Who were the victims?

The victims were identified as Jill and Bruno D’Amore, a 70-year-old married couple, and Jill’s 90-year-old mother, Lucia Arpino, according to a letter from the families of the victims to the Notre Dame community in Help from Christians. . “It is with heavy hearts that we share that the terrible tragedy that occurred yesterday in Newton struck very close to home… impacting our faith community and our own family,” the letter reads. “Jill and Bruno D’Amore and Jill’s mother, Lucia Arpino, lost their lives in a senseless act of violence.”

The cause of death of Bruno D’Amore

Sunday morning, the couple was expected at the church. Ryan said there were indications of a forced entry into the residence and she warned residents to exercise caution as the killer was still at large. Newton Police Chief John Carmichael Jr. said more officers were dispatched to patrol the city on Sunday night. Ryan requested that neighbors in surrounding areas review video captured by cameras from their residences and notify authorities of any unusual activity.

According to Ryan, the murders were reported hours after police received a call about an attempted break-in at a house half a mile away. The murders took place about seven miles west of downtown Boston. The authorities are studying the possible links between the bodies.

According to local law enforcement, the triple murder is Newton’s first of its kind, Ryan told reporters. The most recent year for which government figures are available is 2019, when the city of around 87,000 people recorded no homicides. Compared to the same period last year, homicides are down about 12% in more than 90 cities, according to a study by data collection firm AH Datalytics.

Bruno D’Amore’s obituary and funeral arrangements will be released by the family at a later date.

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