Broncos star Rhys Walsh is taking unusual measures to defend himself against a foul-mouthed referee in Titans entertainment.

Broncos star Rhys Walsh has lashed out at NRL officials after his controversial tirade in Sunday’s loss to the Titans landed him in big trouble, with teammate Adam Reynolds backing him.

But replacing his case on his personal Twitter or Instagram account, the defender could not grasp when the media group posted photos of his spray on Twitter and again hit the comments section of the publication.

The Broncos star was penalized for an outburst throughout the shock loss and may now face concerns after being sent straight to court for a handover that could see him rub shoulders for a State of Origin rest three.

Walsh was penalized by referee Chris Butler for late stoppage time and the 20-year-old can be heard on the pitch microphone hurling foul language and F and C phrases at the referee afterwards.

Brisbane were then dragged down another 10 yards for a scramble with Buttler heard to inform captain Adam Reynolds: “He (Walsh) will go (for) the next one.”

Reece Walsh (in number one shirt) has mentioned that his expletive-laced rant was not aimed at referee Chris Butler (pictured whistling)

Fox League later posted video of the incident on social media, to which Walsh responded by explaining that the referee was in error.

“I’m not talking to the ref, I’ll make that clear! You can see Patty (Kerrigan, teammate) coming up to me and talking to me as well,” Walsh wrote.

Adam Reynolds supported him along with his personal note.

Show total clip. I spoke with a member of the opposing group,” Reynolds wrote.

Bulldogs veteran Josh Reynolds was fined $1,000 earlier this season when he used the expression to explain referee Grant Atkins’ call.

Walls was sent off for a headbutt on NSW star Jarome Luai in the second Origin game of the year, and it may now appear earlier than the NRL’s pick on the Butler incident on Tuesday night.

It was a disappointing performance from the Broncos, who missed some nice alternatives at the break.

Both Rhys Walsh and Adam Rathnold commented on the incident via social media

Walls will face the NRL judiciary on Tuesday night and will miss out on the three-Origin rest

It was a frustrating outing from the Broncos, who have been sloppy on offense

Coach Kevin Walters expressed frustration with his group’s outlook after the sport.

“We have not earned the right as a team or a club to come here and perform like this,” he mentioned.

Walters had tried to spray his assets with a noxious spray at halftime, however the Broncos could not answer and the Titans were superb.

“I’m a little angry,” Walter mentioned.

“I don’t like the band that performs these days. This is not who we are.

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