Briton arrested after climbing 72nd floor of Seoul skyscraper

Authorities say a UK man was arrested on Monday after he climbed more than halfway up the world’s fifth tallest tower in Seoul using only his bare hands. According to a statement released by the Seoul Fire Department, more than ninety emergency professionals, police officers and other personnel were summoned to the 123-story, 555-meter-tall Lotte World Tower after a man was seen going up. the structure on Monday morning. According to the statement, the individual, who was in his twenties at the time, climbed to the 72nd floor, which is about 310 meters (1,020 feet) high, before authorities whisked him away in a gondola. and do not move it inside the building. . The man was a free climber named George King-Thompson, according to South Korean media. According to reports, he was in possession of a parachute and informed officers that he intended to BASE jump from the roof of the structure.

The identity of the man and the reason for his actions were not immediately confirmed by firefighters and police.
After climbing the Shard in London, which is the tallest building in the UK at 310 meters (1,017ft), King-Thompson was arrested in 2019 and charged with trespassing by the building’s owners. The Shard is the tallest structure in the UK. He was sentenced to six months in prison, but he only served three of those months. In 2021, he scaled the 36-storey Stratosphere Tower, a residential block in the Stratford area of ​​east London, and reached the top in less than half an hour. He said he chose the structure because he was rocked by flash floods that had hit the area shortly before and wanted to draw attention to the seriousness of the climate change problem.

Police verified that they had taken the individual into custody but did not provide further details. According to Lotte Property & Development, which manages the skyscraper, the individual suffered no serious injuries during the incident. According to the statement released by the fire department, he suffered a skin injury to his right knee. In 2018, French mountaineer Alain Robert, widely known as “Spiderman” for his daring stunt, was apprehended after climbing the 75th floor of the Lotte World Tower. Alain Robert was arrested for climbing the tower. After informing the police that they did not intend to press charges for obstruction or trespassing, representatives of Lotte said they had heard that he had finally been released and had fled South Korea. According to The Lotte Property & Development, business representatives were going to meet to work out what to do with the British man.

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