Brianne Howey Mother: What happened to Colleen Braun?

Brianne Howey is expecting her first child with husband Matt Ziering. But unfortunately, her mother, who taught her the importance of motherhood, is no longer around to celebrate the good news.

So what happened to Colleen Braun? Keep reading to find out.

What happened to Brianne Howey’s mother, Colleen Braun?

Brianne Howey’s beloved mother, Colleen Braun, breathed her last on January 5, 2011 in La Cañada Flintridge, California. She was successfully undergoing cancer treatment at the time, but succumbed to pneumonia!

Colleen was a bright woman who cherished life and rose to all its challenges. Even when she was sick, her beautiful smile never faded. She loved to travel, exercise and was an avid baker. But his best pastime was being with his children, family and friends.

In the community, Colleen will forever be loved and remembered for her positive spirit, endless generosity and endless energy.

After his death, his family founded Colleen Braun Behrman Memorial to help others in need and often paid tribute to him on FB @ColleenBraunBehrmanMemorial.

“You, dear sister, left a huge gaping void in me that at first I thought I could fill with time. I mourn your loss, and I can’t wait to smile back at your huge infectious smile. I love you forever,” his sister Sharon wrote.

A loving mother, Colleen, just three months before her death, took to her FB to congratulate her daughter: “Brianne is on 90210 tonight! I’m so proud of my little actress! She’s in the auction scene. Watch her! I love you Brian!”

Now Brianne has come so far. She has over 40 movies and TV shows to her name, including Criminal minds (2013), The middle (2011-2012), baby daddy (2013), Revenge (2012)Scream Queens (2015), Twisted (2014), Horrible Bosses 2 (2014), Time trap (2017), little female dogs (2018) and One more (2019).

The actor has also done well in his personal life. She married the love of her life, Matt Ziering, on July 24, 2021, and together they are now expecting a baby!

Was Colleen Braun married to Brianne Howey’s father?

Colleen Braun was not married to Brianne Howey’s father, Donald W Howey (born June 1962). On the contrary, she was in marriage with Michael Behrman (born in August 1965 in Charlotte, North Carolina).

However, Colleen shares other children with Donald. They are Daniel (born in 2006) and Cailan (born in 1994).

Their daughter, Cailan Howey attended La Canada High School and now resided in Los Angeles, California. Find her on FB @cailan.howey and IG @cailanmarie.

So while Colleen married Michael, Donald continued to settle down with his wife Hong C Howey (born December 1973). Here is his FB @hong.howey.

Anecdote: Colleen’s baby daddy, Donald, is the son of Richard W. and Carleen Howey. He also has a brother named Carl Howey who was married to Casi.

Colleen Braun’s age at the time of her death

Colleen Braun was 43 when she left this world.

This means she was just 21 when she welcomed daughter Brianne on May 24, 1989.

Colleen Braun Parents

Colleen Braun was born to her parents, Toni and Albert Braun. They were 86 and 94 respectively in 2023.

As for his siblings, they are – Aileen Deaugustine (born April 1972), Erin Rogers (born June 1975), Matthew Braun (born January 1977), Vincent G Braun (born September 1983), Albert C Braun (born: November 1965) and Sharon M Braun (born April 1963).

Employment of Colleen Braun

Colleen Braun was a technology manager. In her mid-twenties, she co-founded Condol International and spent three years consulting and traveling throughout Asia-Pacific, opening offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland, Wellington and Singapore.

She then returned home to La Canada and founded Novydiawhere she led software projects in large companies, including The Walt Disney Company.

Overall, Colleen was loved by all of her colleagues and employees. Not only for his professionalism but also for his kindness and compassion. “Colleen, I can’t find the words to explain how much I still miss you on a daily basis, even sitting here a year later. You have touched so many lives and accomplished so much during your brief time here with us…. I love you and miss you deeply,” Julie wrote.

Related FAQs

  • Where was Colleen Braun from?

Colleen is originally from La Canada Flintridge, California.

But she was living in Charlotte, North Carolina at the time of her death.

  • When is Colleen Braun’s birthday?

Colleen received her birthday wishes on July 27. But even after his death, the wishes never stopped coming.

“Happy Birthday, Colleen. Words just can’t describe how much I still miss you, and all of us. Your love, generosity and sense of humor always guide us and remind us how life can and must be experienced. May the heavens be filled with your laughter today and may it spill over to us here as we think of you, celebrate you and smile, grateful for the time we spent with you,” wrote her sister on her memorial FB page.

  • Was Colleen Braun on Instagram and Facebook?

Colleen was on Facebook @colleen.behrman.

We couldn’t find her on Instagram.


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