Body found after two cars pulled from Cooper River in New Jersey

A physique was found inside one of many two mud-covered automobiles pulled from the Cooper River in New Jersey.

The unidentified stays had been found when the cars had been yanked up close to Cooper River Park in Pennsauken round 3 p.m. on Thursday, CBS reported.

The automobiles seemed to be fully lined in mud, however it was not instantly clear how lengthy the cars had been in the river nor how they first acquired there, the report famous.

One of the mud-covered cars on the river bank.
Crews pulled two cars from the Cooper River, on Thursday afternoon. WPVI-TV
Trucks and other police vehicles at the scene.
The stays haven’t been recognized. CBS News Philadelphia
Authorities at the scene of the find.
It was not clear how lengthy the cars had been in the water, or how they acquired they acquired there. FOX 29 Philadelphia

Teams dressed in white jumpsuits swarmed round each fashions, whereas tents appeared to obscure many of the doable proof.

The Camden County Prosecutor’s Office in investigating the discover, CBS mentioned.

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