Bill Maher trashes ‘bad witness’ Stormy Daniels for changing her story with Trump trial testimony

“Real Time” host Bill Maher wasn’t significantly thrilled with the testimony of grownup movie actress Stormy Daniels this week within the New York trial in opposition to former President Trump.

During a panel dialogue Friday night time, Maher reiterated his frustrations with how the prison expenses in opposition to Trump have been stalled, noting the current developments with the Georgia and labeled paperwork circumstances.

“So it’s Stormy or bust,” Maher quipped.

He then received severe, declaring “She’s a bad witness!” He backed up his argument by enjoying clips of his personal interview with Daniels in 2018 whereas discussing her alleged affair with Trump, one thing Trump has lengthy denied. 

“You say it’s not a Me Too case,” Maher mentioned to her on the time. 

“It’s not a Me Too case,” Daniels responded. “I wasn’t assaulted. I wasn’t attacked, or raped, or coerced or blackmailed…. They tried to shove me in the Me Too box to further their own agenda. And first of all, I didn’t want to be part of that because it’s not the truth and I’m not a victim in that regard.”

Maher reacted to the clip, “That’s not what she’s saying now.”

"Real Time" host Bill Maher called Stormy Daniels a "bad witness" in former President Donald Trump's hush money trial.
“Real Time” host Bill Maher known as Stormy Daniels a “bad witness” in former President Donald Trump’s hush cash trial. HBO/”Real Time with Bill Maher”
Maher accused Daniels of using "Me Too buzz words" during her testimony.
Maher accused Daniels of utilizing “me too buzz words” throughout her testimony. REUTERS/Jane Rosenberg

“She’s talking about ‘he was bigger and blocking the way.’ It’s all the me too buzzwords. She said, ‘There was an imbalance of power for sure.’ ‘My hands were shaking so hard.’ She said she blacked out. Blacked out? She’s a porn star!… Do you really think she blacked out? A porn star is used to having sex with people she doesn’t [like]… I just think she’s not a good witness.”

The HBO host was beforehand cheery at the start of the trial, hyping the way it could possibly be an actual sport changer within the presidential election. 

“This one, I got to say I was always against [it] because I thought of all the ones you’re bringing, this is the least serious. … Now I think Trump could lose,” Maher mentioned two weeks in the past. “I’m turning on this one because it’s not what I thought it was going to be. And this David Pecker – I mean, brought down by a Pecker, this guy.”

Daniels leaving court after testifying on May 9, 2024.
Daniels leaving courtroom after testifying on May 9, 2024. William Farrington

“And by the way, if this goes that way and Trump loses, it’s going to change the whole election,” Maher later mentioned. “A number of independents, a significant number, and Republicans say their vote will change if he is a convicted criminal. And he’ll look like a loser, not that he doesn’t already, but you know.”

“And Alvin Bragg is going to be the rising star of the Democratic Party because everyone said, ‘Not a good idea,’ including me. So, we’ll see,” he added.

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