Bernie Sanders accuses Israel of breaking ‘international law’ in war against the ‘entire Palestinian people’

Sen. Bernie Sanders accused Israel of embarking on a war against the “entire Palestinian people” and claimed that the US ally has “broken international law.”

“What Israel has done over the last seven months has not just gone to war against Hamas. It has gone to war against the entire Palestinian people, and the results have been absolutely catastrophic,” Sanders (I-Vt.) instructed NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reported that roughly 16,000 civilians and14,000 terrorists have been killed in the war against Hamas throughout a latest interview with TV’s “Dr. Phil” McGraw.

Sanders, 82, a Jewish senator who introduced final week he’s working for re-election, has lengthy been fiercely essential of Israel’s war against Hamas.

Bernie Sanders
Sen. Bernie Sanders accused Israel of flouting worldwide legislation. AP

He took word of a latest State Department report launched final week that concluded it’s “reasonable to assess” Israel violated worldwide humanitarian legislation in Gaza.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken underscored that the State Department hasn’t but drawn “definitive conclusions,” however Sanders stated the verdict is obvious.

“The reality is, as I think any objective observer knows, Israel has broken international law. It has broken American law,” Sanders stated.

“In my view, Israel should not be receiving another nickel in US military aid.”

Israel-Hamas war
Benjamin Netanyahu has admitted that the civilian demise toll in the Gaza Strip outpaced the quantity of terrorists killed. AFP by way of Getty Images

Sanders recommended Blinken, saying he has an “impossibly difficult job” and lauded President Joe Biden over his resolution to halt a serious bomb cargo to Israel amid a standstill over the southern Gazan metropolis of Rafah.

“I certainly support the president saying that it is absurd to provide Israel with 2,000-pound bombs which could level an entire square block in the midst of Rafah, which is an incredibly densely populated area,” Sanders stated.

Biden has not dominated out delivery these bombs to Israel however publicly confirmed that he’s halting them for now amid considerations about Rafah.

At one level, Rafah was estimated to accommodate roughly 1.5 million Palestinians who fled the combating up north. Many of the refugees have lived in tents over the previous couple of weeks.

Israel-Hamas war
Displaced Palestinians evacuate from the Tal al-Zaatar camp for Palestinian refugees in the northern Gaza Strip. AFP by way of Getty Images

Netanyahu has vowed to forge forward into Rafah, claiming that it’s one of the final main strongholds of Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Biden, 81, has opposed this except Israel can produce a reputable plan for civilians.

Sanders warned that Biden might see his progressive base of younger voters fray over the Israel-Hamas war and affirmed he believes the battle might wind up being the president’s Vietnam.

“I am strongly supporting the president because on many domestic issues, he has done an excellent job. But I think there are a lot of people in the Democratic base who are concerned about his support for Israel in this war,” Sanders stated.

President Biden
President Biden has been compelled to reckon with the thorny home politics of the Israel-Hamas war. AP

The Vermont senator additionally defended his resolution to hunt reelection. At the finish of a hypothetical fourth time period in workplace, Sanders could be 89.

“I think age is a factor. Experience is the factor. Accomplishment is a factor. And most importantly, a factor in politics is what do you believe in. And I would hope that the people of Vermont and the people of the United States look at candidates in their totality,” he stated.

“I would not have announced … my intention to seek re-election unless I felt pretty good.”

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