BBC Breakfast’s Naga Munchetty forced to stop wearing two outfits after viewer comments

Naga Munchetty has revealed that she’s had to stop wearing sure outfits from her BBC Breakfast wardrobe following viewer comments. The 49-year-old presenter shared situations the place she felt compelled to ditch particular attire after receiving destructive suggestions from the viewers.

During her look on Room 101 with host Paul Merton, Naga was questioned in regards to the pressures of being a feminine presenter and whether or not she has confronted criticism over her garments. She recounted: “There’s only one time I’ve taken it on board and never worn an outfit again. One and a half. The first time, I wore this dress on breakfast and it had a geometric print and two people said it was causing them migraines, so I said ‘Absolutely fine, I won’t wear that again’.

“Then there was one other one: I purchased this good costume, I nonetheless have it, this was about ten to twelve years in the past and it was black and had all these eyes on it. Two individuals emailed in saying it was scaring them and giving the nightmares. So that one I’ve worn since however I have not worn it a lot.”

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This admission follows an episode the place Naga was branded “impolite” on a recent BBC Breakfast show for spitting out food during a live segment. She and co-host Charlie Stayt were tasting insect-based protein, as part of a discussion with Dr Ralph Munders from the University of Surrey, who is conducting research into the benefits of entomophagy, reports the Express.

He came bearing muffins for the presenters to sample, and as they began sampling both a standard muffin and one teeming with bugs, viewers watched on. Naga grimaced as she tasted the bug-laden muffin, promptly spitting it out into a tissue and washing down the unpleasant flavour with water from her mug.

Charlie, 61, quizzed her with a “Which did you suppose? ” but she remained tight-lipped, leading Charlie to comment: “Not talking proper now.”

Despite Naga’s distaste, declaring “They’re each fairly unhealthy if I’m sincere”, Charlie seemed to take pleasure in the insect muffin, saying: “I do not suppose so, I fairly favored the primary one.”

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