Bacdoe Loc died in a car accident in Texas near Amarillo on June 7, 2023

Bacdoe Loc dies – Family members of Bacdoe Loc, 17, identified her as the victim of the accident on June 7, 2023. She died after a head-on collision with Amarillo. The accident that led to his death also involved 63-year-old Randy Cook. The horrific early morning head-on collision between a large truck and a passenger vehicle resulted in the death of a teenage Amarillo now identified by HunnieDee Martínez among others on Facebook.

Amarillo crash victim identified

Bacdoe Loc, 17, was traveling westbound on the 335 loop when the crash that resulted in his death occurred. The Department of Public Safety received a call about her after she was in a frontal car accident in Texas near Amarillo on June 7, 2023. She moved into the eastbound lane at around 12:45 p.m. in the morning. The driver of a large truck attempted to avoid the collision by swerving to the left. Two miles south of Amarillo, DPS reported the juvenile driver backed into her lane before colliding head-on with the large truck.

HunnieDee Martínez posted that “Bro you just graduated, you just had your birthday, brooo you’re so beautiful and so young. We never really spoke but I always admired you from afar, your spirit and the way you used to behave was amazing to me and now you have gone crazy to me.I hate waking up to messages like I woke up today #FOREVERLIVEON Bacdoe Loc fly high pretty girl.

His BWW 3281 caught fire during the flight. It was determined that she died at the scene of the accident. Randy Cook, 63, of Amarillo, was driving the tractor-trailer when it crashed. He was sent to Northwest Texas Hospital with relatively minor injuries. After receiving treatment, Randy was released.

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Following a rollover accident on a busy highway, motorists in the metropolitan area may need to find an alternate route. Oklahoma Highway Patrol officials were dispatched to the scene of a rollover collision that occurred Tuesday afternoon along the transition from southbound I-44 to westbound I-40. Due to a waste management vehicle overturning, workers had no choice but to close the Amarillo Junction.

Because of this, there was a major delay in traffic that lasted for miles. Motorists are strongly advised to avoid the interchange and seek an alternate route to take.

Bacdoe Loc’s obituary and funeral arrangements will be posted by family members

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