Austrian woman arrested for torturing her 12-year-old son

A mother has been jailed in Austria on suspicion of torturing her 12-year-old son by locking him in a dog crate, throwing cold water on him and exposing him to sub-zero temperatures . According to information from the Austrian Press Agency, a spokeswoman for the police in the province of Lower Austria, Johann Baumschlager, said on Monday that the investigation into the 32-year-old woman includes suspicions of attempted murder in plus other charges.

The Kurier newspaper was the first publication to report on the incident. The boy’s body temperature had dropped to 26.8 degrees Celsius (80.2 degrees Fahrenheit), which would have put him in a coma on November 23. A social worker would have informed the authorities at that time. He was taken to hospital and staff filed a complaint with the police. After that, the mother was taken into custody. Baumschlager said the child’s condition has now shown signs of improvement and the investigation into the incident is still ongoing. Authorities have not provided any details about the location of the incident.

According to an APA report, on May 22, Austria’s Supreme Court of Justice dismissed a lawsuit filed by the woman against her detention in police custody. According to the court, she is suspected of having abused her son from the beginning of September to November 22 of the previous year by hitting him, not having his injuries treated, locking him in a dog box for hours, by starving him and continuously pouring cold water on him. All of these acts were said to have been committed between September and November 2017. It is said that during the month of November, she opened the windows of their apartment when it was below zero outside, poured water on the boy, then left the apartment without closing the windows. Prosecutors in Krems, west of Vienna, said they were still awaiting various investigative reports and expected to make a decision on a possible indictment by the end of the summer.

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