Austin State University Peay Athletics mourns Cathi Maynard

Clarksville, Tennessee Our emotions are heavy as we stand here before you now. Cathi Maynard exemplified the term “fighter” in all aspects of her life. She took a stand for her ideals. Cathi would tirelessly try to make things right when she saw that someone or something she cared about was being treated unfairly. During her military service, she met her future husband, Joe, and grew to love the town of Clarksville. We will always appreciate his unwavering support of Austin Peay State University (APSU) and the surrounding community.

Today she crossed the finish line and passed away with her loved ones by her side. We are extremely fortunate that Austin Peay State University is one of Joe and Cathi’s causes that they have worked tirelessly for. Joe and Cathi invested their time, energy and resources in our student-athletes, allowing us to give them an opportunity that would set them up for success after their time at Austin Peay State University. The Maynards’ reputation for kindness has impacted the lives of hundreds of young athletes.

It is difficult to quantify the contribution of the Maynard family to Austin Peay State University. Joe and Cathi’s generosity didn’t stop at just one area of ​​the athletics department; they financed almost the entire Maynard family sports complex. Their $15 million donation in 2022, the largest in University history, has funded extensive renovations to baseball and softball facilities as well as the food center that feeds our student-athletes. . Cathi wanted our young people to succeed not just in uniform, but in all aspects of their lives. She donated to Austin Peay State University to ensure our student-athletes have the resources they need to pursue their goals and become exemplary members of society who can use their experiences to give back to the community. .

Cathi was very interested in the courses offered at Austin Peay State University. She had a special place in her heart for APSU’s women’s athletic teams, and she worked tirelessly to ensure they received the best treatment possible throughout their time competing for college. She was motivated to act whenever she became aware of a need. She didn’t do this for her own ego; she believed strongly in the need for advocacy work. This has Cathi Maynard’s approval. It was something that made her stand out. Nothing she could have done to dampen Joe’s enthusiasm for the sports teams at Austin Peay State University or to dampen his enthusiasm for the Governor’s athletics. They could have donated money, bought subscriptions, or done nothing. But Cathi and the rest of the Maynard family changed the course at Austin Peay and the lives of many people on this campus for the better, and they did it by clapping from the front row as often as they could. Cathi led a courageous life.

She had a lot of strength. She dared a lot. Nothing could ever deter her, however. She had an extremely public and self-determined existence. It was an inspiration to be around her, soaking up her genius, and taking on whatever life threw at her. We honor her bravery, kindness and charity by remembering her today. We extend our deepest condolences to Joe and their children and grandchildren, and to the countless residents of Clarksville whose lives she touched. Cathi Maynard made life better at Austin Peay, and we hope to continue her work forever.

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