Auburn Alabama David Robeson obituary and cause of death: Family mourns the loss

Find David Robeson’s heartfelt obituary honoring the remarkable life and legacy of a beloved person.

David Robeson was a beloved chef and an integral member of the Bow & Arrow team. He joined the team in the fall of 2018 and quickly became known for his dedication, passion and culinary expertise.

David played a crucial role in setting up the establishment and later served as Head Chef and Sous Chef, bringing his creativity to the kitchen.

Auburn Alabama David Robeson obituary and cause of death

We regret the unexpected passing of esteemed frontman David (Dave) Robeson. Dave joined the Bow & Arrow team on its debut in the fall of 2018.

The cause of David’s untimely death has not been made public, as his family has chosen to keep this information private during this difficult time.

His commitment was evident as he diligently helped assemble each piece of equipment and furnish it before the grand opening.

In 2019, Dave took on the role of Head Pitmaster and Sous Chef, showcasing his culinary skills and becoming an integral part of our team.

Although he was among the first to arrive and the last to leave, his infectious smile and unwavering positivity never wavered.

He had a thirst for knowledge and showed immense potential as a skilled young cook.

The absence of Dave’s presence near the butcher’s block in the kitchen leaves a void that can never be filled.

We take comfort in knowing that Dave was a man of deep Christian faith and we firmly believe that he found eternal peace in his heavenly home.

As we all mourn his loss here on Earth, we acknowledge his unwavering faith and believe that is what he would want us to remember.

Robeson’s obituary and details surrounding his passing in Auburn, Alabama are a heartfelt tribute to a remarkable person. We send our deepest condolences to all those affected by this profound loss.

David Robeson’s family mourns the loss

The devastating loss of Robeson plunged his family into deep grief. His death left a void deeply felt by those close to him.

While mourning his passing, the family wishes to cherish the memories they shared with him.

is especially heartbroken by the loss of her beloved husband.

They shared a bond based on love, support and shared dreams. Jodi now finds empty in the precious times they spent together and the love they shared.

David’s parents are also grappling with the immeasurable pain of losing their child. The loss of a son is a heartbreaking experience that no parent should endure.

They are undoubtedly devastated by the untimely departure of their beloved child and their grief knows no bounds.

In addition to his wife and parents, David leaves behind other family members devastated by the loss. The pain of losing a family member is a collective burden they carry together.

They find comfort in each other’s presence, share memories and lean on each other for support during this difficult time.

As the family mourns, they ask for privacy to grieve and process their emotions.

They are going through an extremely difficult time and their goal remains to honor David’s memory and find strength in their shared love for him.

The loss of David Robeson is an indescribable tragedy for his family. The impact of his absence will be felt as they grieve and strive to find healing amid their grief.

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