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Atomic Wallet claims hack affected less than 1% of monthly active users

On June 3, Atomic Wallet acknowledged that users’ wallets had been compromised following reports of the theft of funds. In an update on June 5, the firm said that less than 1% Its monthly active users were affected or reported to be affected by the hack.

The firm said it was still investigating the security breach and its cause, and that victims’ addresses were being reported to major exchanges and blockchain analytics platforms in order to track and block the stolen funds.

on-chain spy ZachXBT pegged Damage totaled over $35 million. Several crypto-assets were stolen, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Tron (TRX).

According to ZachXBT, the largest single person loss is $7.95 million in Tether (USDT). He noted that the five largest losses totaled $17 million, or nearly half of the total stolen funds.

He later thanked Jeeto Labs, a Solana infrastructure company, which helped in the recovery $1 million from the attacker.

In 2021, lowest authority conducted a security audit of Atomic Wallet, finding that the platform was “inadequately secure” and that users were placed at “significant risk”. It pointed out that the response from Atomic Wallet, including the commits provided, still left a number of issues and suggestions unresolved.

Atomic Wallet has yet to make any public comment about compensating the victims.

ZachXBT warned that scammers are trying to capitalize on the situation by luring victims with false promises of refunds, including an example of a gold check marked Twitter account with the name “Atomic – Crypto Wallet”.


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