Astrology claims Saturn strikes in Pisces 2023 contradicted by new report


A model new scientific report has debunked astrology claims that Saturn is transferring in Pisces in March 2023 after plenty of retailers reported concerning the equivalent event.

Astrology has an unlimited which means for people who like to stay on prime of their day by day and weekly research based mostly totally on their zodiac indicators.

So in the occasion you’re following the data, it’s best to have come all through plenty of publications reporting that Saturn is transferring to Pisces in March 2023.

But a science and experience publication has contradicted these claims. We break down the findings of every aspect.

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Astrology research declare Saturn moved to Pisces

For a couple of days now, loads of media retailers have been reporting about Saturn’s switch to the zodiac constellation of Pisces.

The likes of The New York Post, Women’s Health, Refinery 29, The Cut, and completely different publications have well-known down the equivalent issue – Saturn has left Aquarius and entered Pisces on Tuesday, March 7.

Various articles have reported how Saturn’s switch will have an effect on each explicit individual zodiac sign and supplied explanations by means of money, career, and relationships.

A model new report debunks Saturn is in Pisces

After the research started trending on social media, a scientific publication contradicted Saturn’s supposed switch to Pisces.

The report, printed by the print and on-line journal BBC Science Focus, has well-known that the second-largest planet inside the photograph voltaic system will keep in Aquarius until 2025.

BBC presenter and astronomer Pete Lawrence talked about: “Saturn technically crosses the border from Aquarius to Pisces on 18 April 2025, an event which will have no bearing on the human race.”

So, what is going on and why does the outlet has contradicted the astrology research? Well, everybody is aware of that the Earth rotates spherical its axis as quickly as a day. However, the “slow wobbling motion causes a slight shift in the position of the stars and constellations in the night sky over time”, the outlet well-known.

Lawrence outlined extra: “Astrologists fail to take into account precession which, over time, causes the apparent position of the Sun to drift against the background stars.”

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Elsewhere inside the article, astronomer Dr. Darren Baskill addressed astrology claims in regards to the relation of the Sun to Pisces.

“The Sun does not move into the constellation of Pisces until the 12 March 2023, but astrologers say that the star sign of Pisces covers the period from 19 February – almost a month earlier,” Baskill outlined.

“The Sun moved in front of the constellation of Pisces on 19 February in the years around 700AD, so astrologers appear to be stuck 1,300 years in the past.”

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