Anti-Israel campus protest backers raked in $2.7M in lefty NYC Council pork funds

New York taxpayers have shelled out at the least $2.7 million in political pork over the previous decade — together with $430,000-plus since final July — to 5 nonprofits that helped manage or assist radical anti-Israel pupil protests.

A Post examination of City Council “discretionary funds” present members funneled practically $2.5 million alone since 2014 to the Manhattan-based Muslim Community Network, which gives “safety-training” seminars to protestors.

The group additionally posted some spirited recommendation on social media final week on how protestors ought to refuse police searches and never be “fooled” by the “’good cop/bad cop’ technique.”

New York City Council holding a hearing with people in seats.
City Council members funneled practically $2.5 million in the previous decade to Muslim Community Network, which gives “safety-training” seminars to protestors. Gregory P. Mango

Council members delivered $410,818 of the MCN’s cash this fiscal yr to fund wage and programming prices, together with $245,000 instantly from Speaker Adrienne Adams.

Other nonprofits aiding the protesters who’ve gotten a bit of the discretionary pie embrace The Council on American-Islamic Relations’ New York chapter and the ironically-named Jews for Racial and Economic Justice.

The latter — which obtained $77,000 — helped manage radical protests in and round Columbia University, City College of New York and different NYC school campuses.

Most of the pork — $60,000 — was dished out by Comptroller Brad Lander from 2016 to 2019, when the Democratic socialist was nonetheless a Brooklyn councilman.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations’ native chapter feasted on $108,511, the overwhelming majority distributed by means of a first-of-its-kind initiative known as “Communities of Color Nonprofit Stabilization Fund” that NYC Council members created to assist Black, Latino and Asian-led nonprofits.

The Muslim civil rights group has outspokenly known as for all legal costs in opposition to the Columbia and CCNY protesters to be dropped and condemned the NYPD for shutting down the anti-Israel rallies.

On Friday, the group posted a hyperlink to a script on social media and instructed individuals to observe it when calling native prosecutors and asking them to drop the costs.

City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams standing at a lecturn wearing a grey jacket, over a red shirt and a gold necklace
City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams gave $245,000 to MCN in the previous yr. Gabriella Bass

The Center for Popular Democracy and Peace Action New York State were allocated $20,000 each in Council funds, records show.

Councilwoman Inna Vernikov, a Brooklyn Republican and avid Israel supporter, said it’s time the Council takes a serious look on how it spends its pork-barrel funds.

“We need a complete overhaul of the clearly weak standard of review for organizations that are able to take city money — our money,” she said.

Councilwoman Inna Vernikov hosting a rally with a speakerphone.
Councilwoman Inna Vernikov, an avid Israel supporter, stated the Council ought to look at the way it spends its pork-barrel funds. Gabriella Bass

“By funding these innocuous-sounding organizations, we are literally paying for a systematic Marxist infestation that is finally carrying out a well-coordinated revolution that is causing chaos and disruption to society,” she added. “It’s enraging but entirely unsurprising.”

Doug Kellogg, director of the conservative anti-tax group Americans for Tax Reform State Projects, was also flabbergasted upon learning how much tax dollars the Council sent the anti-Israel groups.

“New York City’s budget faces years of multi-billion-dollar deficits, and residents pay the highest combined income tax rate in the nation,” said Kellogg. “But left-wing politicians keep the taxpayer money flowing to their favored non-profits, while pushing cuts on police and public safety, all to help militant protestors destroy the city.”

Comptroller Brad Lander speaking into microphones while pointing his finger
Comptroller Brad Lander gave $60,000 to Jews for Racial and Economic Justice when he was nonetheless a Brooklyn councilman. Matthew McDermott

In November, The Post reported Big Apple taxpayers shelled out nearly $9 million since 2010 to four nonprofits that helped spearhead anti-Israel protests on NYC streets.

More than $4.25 million — or nearly half — was awarded through Council discretionary funds, including nearly $2 million after a November 2021 general election spawned a mass influx of socialists and other new far-left members to the legislative body.

The big winners still doing city business include Tides Center — an advocacy group heavily funded by far-left billionaire kingmaker George Soros.

Anti-Israel protesters waving Palestinian flags and marching en masse along University Place in Manhattan.
Big Apple taxpayers have shelled out practically $9 million since 2010 to nonprofits that helped spearhead anti-Israel protests on the town’s streets. Carlos Chiossone/ZUMA Press Wire /

It’s earned greater than $1.2 million by means of contracts on the Department of Education and different metropolis companies, however a bulk of its contracts had been awarded over a decade in the past, information present,

City Council spokesperson Mara Davis defended the legislative physique’s pork spending, saying it “funds hundreds of non-profit organizations to support programs that serve New Yorkers across our diverse city. This includes “hate crime prevention that combats anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, and all other forms of hate with programs that reach tens of thousands of students,” she stated.

Reps for Lander and the 5 nonprofits didn’t return messages.

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