Anthony Albanese pledges extra $110 million to Ukraine to fight Russia after Wagner uprising

Anthony Albanese’s authorities have unveiled a $110 million package to help Ukraine defend against a Russian invasion of the transient Wagner group insurgency.

The Albanian unveiled the aid package at a news conference in Canberra on Monday alongside Foreign Minister Penny Wong and Defense Minister Richard Marles.

Ukraine will get another 70 army vehicles, as well as 28 M113 armored tanks, 14 operations, 28 vehicles and 14 semi-trailers.

Artillery ammunition may even be delivered along with $10 million to the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

This money will help the people of Ukraine affected by the invasion by offering shelter, clean water, welfare care and sanitation.

Albanese mentioned that he is able to “continue the dialogue with Ukraine and President” (Volodymyr) Zelenskiy as long as necessary.

The Albanians unveiled the aid package at a news conference in Canberra on Monday alongside Foreign Minister Penny Wong and Defense Minister Richard Marles.

The spectators applauded and cheered Wagner as their leaders instructed the troops to maneuver out of Rostov.

“This latest aid package shows that Ukraine can count on Australia,” he said. We are helping worldwide efforts to ensure the failure of Putin’s aggression and the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

“Australia is unwavering in our determination to condemn and oppose Russia’s actions and help Ukraine achieve victory.”

In total, Australia’s contribution to Ukraine’s efforts to withstand the Russian invasion now exceeds $790 million.

The announcement comes after a sharp uprising in Russia over the weekend, where the troops of Wagner’s mercenary group boss, Yevgeny Prigozhin, moved from their camps in Ukraine into Russia itself on Friday.

They took command of the regional army in the southern metropolis of Rostov-on-Don earlier than advancing on Moscow.

The strange rebellion unfolded at a dizzying pace, yet a group of mercenaries made their way to the capital was simply as instantly familiar as off on Saturday.

Russian state media reported that Wagner’s troops would return to Ukraine, while Prigozhin could be deported to Belarus.

Crowds lined the streets and cheered as the private army firm withdrew its troops from Rostov

People gathered to say goodbye to Prigozhin, and one man even went to the car window to shake the fingers of Wagner’s exiled boss.

Mr. Albanese said the fight has no bearing on his choice to raise funding or make an announcement at this time.

“We have been working on this proposal to bring him to the cabinet this morning,” Albanese said.

“The incidents clearly happened over the weekend, but they are being worked on. You will see that the announcements have been about every four months.

Foreign Secretary Penny Vaughn said the infighting confirmed “the division in Russia” and called into question “the decision to illegally and immorally invade Ukraine.” If I do, I might once again tell all Australians staying there that our advice is to leave.

Analysts at the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) say an apparent “short-term solution” to a truce with Wagner’s group is likely to “significantly harm” Putin’s authorities and conflict efforts. inability” to rapidly repel internal threats.

More than 50 international places around the world have offered Ukraine monetary aid due to the Russian invasion.

The Kremlin is facing a “deeply unstable” scenario after Wagner’s rebellion has “exposed the regime’s weakness”, analysts warn. Russian President Vladimir Putin was pictured giving a speech on television on Saturday

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