AnnecyAttaque Video – Update on the knife attack perpetrated in Annecy

AnnecyAttaque Video – Update on the knife attack perpetrated in Annecy

AnnecyAttaque Video: On Thursday June 8, a horrific attack took place in a municipal park in Annecy, leaving the community in shock and disbelief.

The incident took place in the middle of the morning when a man in his thirties terrorized several individuals in the park, brandishing a knife.

In this article, we’ll dive into the details of the attack, shed light on the profile of the attacker, and explore the consequences of this heinous act.

AnnecyAttaque Video – Update on the knife attack perpetrated in Annecy

The attack and the aggressor

In the afternoon, Elisabeth Borne, accompanied by the Annecy prosecutor, Line Bonnet-Mathis, shed some light on the investigation and the profile of the attacker. The main suspect, identified as Abdalmasih H., is a man in his thirties of Syrian nationality who had taken refuge in Sweden.

The discovery of a Christian cross

During his arrest, an intriguing detail came to light: a Christian cross was found on the suspect. However, the prosecutor stressed that there did not appear to be a terrorist motive behind the attack, as confirmed by initial investigations.

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A frightening assault

Around 9:45 a.m., the attacker, dressed in black shorts and a matching t-shirt, targeted several individuals in Pâquier Park, adjacent to Lake Annecy. Several videos circulating on social media show the knife-wielding man sneaking around the playground, closing in on his unsuspecting victims.

Disturbing statements

As the attack unfolded, the attacker said the phrase ‘in the name of Jesus Christ’ (in the name of Jesus Christ) twice in English, as captured in video and confirmed by a nearby source. Quickly apprehended by the police, the suspect was wearing a Christian cross at the time of his arrest.

Untangling the abuser’s background

A Syrian refugee in Sweden

Elisabeth Borne clarified that the attacker was a Syrian refugee residing in Sweden, with no background in the intelligence services. She also said the suspect had no known psychiatric history. The Prime Minister further revealed that the man was a homeless man who had traveled through several countries in Europe, including France.

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