American Idol fans beg show to help former Just Sam winner as singer sings song at subway station in new video

AMERICAN Idol Season 18 winner Samantha Diaz burst into song on the New York City subway after her win on the show.

Fans of the competition show have begged producers to help Samantha – better known as Just Sam – and get her off the streets.

On Friday, Just Sam posted another video of herself singing on the subway to Instagram.

She sang the song Won’t He Do It by Koryn Hawthorne.

The song is about God helping someone in times of need.

The former American Idol winner wore a plain t-shirt, khaki pants and black sneakers.

The 24-year-old had her microphone and audio system installed, so her voice could be heard throughout the station.

Just Sam also had a bottle of water and a box for people to give her money in front of her.

She started singing in the subways again after her victory for a few years now.

Idol fans begged the show to do something about her situation.


“Can someone sign this girl already?” She’s been faithful long enough,” one person wrote in the comments section.

People responded to their comment by explaining that she was signed to Hollywood Records after the show, but paid off her contract and therefore had no earnings left.

“American Idol is a TV show that she won but doesn’t make any money. It just gives you exposure and I think they should have done more for her,” another pleaded.

“I really wish Idol would help her get back on her feet,” a third commented.

One user added: “Someone please help and guide this young lady!”


In May, Just Sam posted a lengthy message on her Instagram Story, explaining why she’s not saying anything about her situation.

“There’s so much I want to say, but there’s not much I’m allowed to say,” she wrote.

“But, I promise I’ll say more very soon.”

She continued at the time, “For now, I’ll just say thank you so much to everyone who supports me… thank you so much to the people who show me nothing but love and support me.”

“THANKS TO ALL FOR THE PATIENCE! It is really needed and appreciated.

She signed it: “Sincerely Samantha, aka Just Sam.”

After her 2020 win, Just Sam returned to singing on the subway, as she did before winning the contest, despite other winners recording songs and finding fame. COMP-.jpg?strip=all&quality=100&w=1920&h=1080&crop=1


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