Alvin Lee Spears Murder: Where is Darlene Spears Now?


Authorities in Lakewood, Colorado, had been left startled after they discovered Alvin Lee Spears’ mutilated physique lying on the bottom inside his private residence. While the police had been known as to the residence by neighbors who had overheard a commotion, the ugly murder scene was ample to make even the toughest officer uncomfortable. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Deadly Women: Cash In’ chronicles the horrifying incident and follows the investigation that hunted out the perpetrator. Let’s dive into the crime’s particulars and uncover out further, we might?

How Did Alvin Lee Spears Die?

According to the current, Alvin Lee Spears lived a dangerous life in Louisiana as he was involved in dealing treatment and totally different petty crimes. Meanwhile, his partner was pretty adept at selling illegal weapons, and collectively they ran a fairly worthwhile enterprise. However, that life fell apart as quickly as Alvin was arrested, as a result of the police turned him into an informant. Naturally, people involved in such crimes under no circumstances take kindly to a police informant, and as quickly because the others found that he was spreading data to laws enforcement officers, they put a objective on his head.

Thus, Alvin and his partner had been compelled to go away Louisiana and switch to Lakewood, Colorado. There, he turned over a model new leaf and resolved to avoid crime, he even began discovering out to grow to be a minister, and his partner supported him every step of the easiest way. Neighbors described the couple as being very quite a bit in love, and no one could have predicted the horrifying tragedy that was about to say Alvin’s life. On December 7, 2003, his neighbors known as the police and educated them a few attainable residence dispute.

Once first responders reached the spot, they found the door to the residence locked although any individual was transferring about inside. Nevertheless, authorities had been compelled to knock for quite a few minutes until Alvin’s partner opened the door and requested them to come back again in. Inside, they found a scene from a horror movie as Alvin lay in a pool of blood on the bottom. Moreover, whereas an preliminary medical examination well-known that the sufferer suffered excessive blunt strain trauma, the autopsy determined that Alvin was stabbed sooner than being bludgeoned to lack of life with a heavy weapon.

Who Killed Alvin Lee Spears?

Since Alvin’s partner, Darlene, opened the door for the police and was present on the crime scene, she turned the primary suspect throughout the murder investigation. Interestingly, even her clothes had Alvin’s blood on them, however she had an inexpensive clarification. Darlene talked about that she and her husband deliberate to sit down for dinner when two drug sellers ambushed them from Louisiana. She even alleged that the drug sellers compelled her proper right into a room sooner than attacking Alvin with a sledgehammer. Darlene further claimed that she obtained blood on her clothes when she tried to help her husband after the assault and insisted that she was not involved throughout the murder.

Even though the Louisiana drug vendor thought was farfetched, the police didn’t have ample proof to arrest Darlene then. However, that they had been shocked after they regarded into the couple’s lives and found that that they had been in deep financial problem since transferring to Colorado. On the alternative hand, Alvin usually found himself in an altercation alongside along with his partner as she cherished spending money, and he was anxious about their future. Subsequently, the police found that throughout the months following his murder, Darlene tried to take out eight life insurance coverage protection insurance coverage insurance policies on her husband, totaling larger than 300,000 {{dollars}}.

On prime of it, Darlene shortly started a model new occupation and didn’t seem bothered regarding the tragedy. Still, forensic proof hammed the last word nail throughout the coffin as a result of the blood on Darlene’s clothes turned out to splatter, indicating that she was beside Alvin when he was bludgeoned to lack of life. Hence, with ample to warrant a murder trial, the police arrested Darlene and charged her alongside along with her husband’s murder.

Where is Darlene Spears Now?

When launched in courtroom, Darlene pled not accountable, and the safety argued that the drug sellers from Louisiana had killed Alvin. Nevertheless, the jury believed in some other case and finally convicted her of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder. Consequently, Darlene was sentenced to life with out parole plus 48 years in 2006. She stays behind bars on the Denver Women’s Correctional Facility in Denver, Colorado.

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