Alessandra Colon Parents: Edith Echevarria and Angel Colon

Now that you’ve enjoyed seeing Dr. Alessandra Colón encounter a variety of patients, from genetic defects to common back problems, on TLC’s Crack Addicts, here’s a tell-all about who her parents are.

Who are the TLCs crack addicts Parents of star Alessandra Colon?

TLC crack addicts Star Alessandra Colon has always loved her family, including her parents. Even when she was 14 and found out she had stage 4 cancer, her main concern was for her family. By then, his family had returned to the United States after living in Saudi Arabia and other locations.

Keep reading to learn more about his parents.

Meet Edith Echevarria, mother of Alessandra Colon

We can say that Alessandra Colon loves her mother Edith Echevarria very much. “To the mother who paved the way for all my dreams to come true,” she wrote recently alongside a sweet photo of Edith.

And before that, on her “mother-in-law’s” birthday in 2021, she took to her social media again to tell her how close she feels to her. “In fact, I loved getting to know you even more deeply than I ever thought I could. The stories you told me about your life only make me feel closer to you — you could write a book,” Alessandra gushed.

Because of her mother, Alexandra never thought growing old was a terrible thing. Rather, through her mother, she saw maturity, wisdom, and experience that inevitably come with age.

  • Edith Echevarria Age

On Nov. 19, 2021, Edith Echevarria’s daughter let everyone know her mom had just turned 70, writing, “HERES TO BIG 70…you’ve never looked so radiant!” Thus, in 2022, Edith reaches the age of 71.

  • Edith Echevarria Jobs

According to LinkedIn, Edith Echevarria made a career as a medical technician at Baptist Health Bethesda Hospital in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, USA. And before that, she studied a medical technician course at the Universidad de PR, Mayaguez it seems.

  • Is Edith Echevarria on Instagram?

Yes. You can find Edith Echevarria on Instagram. But, since June 4, 2023, the account @eechevarria38 included no messages and only a few followers.

Fortunately, on FacebookEdith showed glimpses of her life from time to time.

Meet Angel Colon, Alessandra Colon’s father

Alessandra Colon also has a very special relationship with her father. In June 2021, Alessandra showed loved ones on social media an old memory of Angel walking her down the aisle for her “15th.” She may have been referring to her 15th birthday. Underneath this post, Angel was seen commenting “I remember this day like it was yesterday…and the day of your chemo treatment…I saved those two…love dad…”.

Other times, we’ve also seen Angel call her daughter “My Beautiful Florida LLS Woman of the Year” or enjoy her healthy salads.

  • angels colon age

Angel D Colon was born in March 1952. Thus, he reached the age of 71 in 2023.

  • angel colon job

From what Angel Colon writes on Facebook, he is the sole owner of AE Innovations Inc – O&G Surface Plant Design. In addition, he mentioned working at Westlake Lake Charles petrochemical complex in Louisiana since May 20, 2023. Prior to all of this, Angel studied BSChE in Chemical Engineering at the University of Puerto Rico in Mayagüez.

  • Is Angel Colon on Instagram?

Angel Colon was nowhere to be found on Instagram in 2023. He seemed to enjoy being on Facebook but.

Related FAQs

  • Are Alessandra Colon’s parents still married?

Alessandra Colon’s parents hadn’t been married since 2023. On Facebook, her father listed her relationship status as “single.” Edith, however, got married in 2021.

Alessandra Colon’s mother remarried in 2021 (Picture: Facebook)

On November 1 of that year, she uploaded a photo from her wedding day, and when a friend of hers commented below, “I didn’t know you were getting married!”, she said. replied with a “It was a surprise to many, including my family.

  • How many children do Alessandra Colon’s parents have?

Alessandra Colon is not the only child of her parents. There is more.

One of them is Daniel Colon. According to his Facebook, Daniel is a screenwriter at Moving boards inc., he studied art history at Hunter College and painting at the Maryland Institute College of Art. He also went to Cranbrook Kingswood and Jubail International School. As of this writing, he resides in the Bronx, New York.

“So proud to see my sister, Alessandra, featured by LLS on #givingtuesday and to be a supporter of such an impactful organization. See her story below and please donate if you can – you can really make a difference!” Daniel wrote in support of his sister in a social media post not too long ago.

Apart from all of them, Alexandra in her life also has her husband David R Lauck from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. He reached the age of 43 in May 2023. On his IG @lauck_downhe writes “travel is my drug💉💊I need more.

  • Where do Alessandra Colon’s parents live?

As of 2023, Alessandra’s mother called Palm Beach Gardens, Florida her home. Angel, on the other hand, resided in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Originally, he is from Houston, Texas.


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