Airbnb squatters left ‘no trespassing’ sign for single mom who’s losing income and can’t boot them

A North Carolina single mom attempting to place her son by way of school is now on the mercy of Airbnb guests-turned-squatters who refuse to go away her rental property — leaving her with out her income for months.

The saga started when Farzana Rahman, who lives within the Durham space, checked in friends on Oct. 25 with a take a look at date of May 24.

But when Rahman’s housekeeper arrived on the rental, the friends had been nonetheless there and they refused to go away, the local ABC affiliate reported.

Farzana Rahman, a single mother from Durham, North Carolina, looks devastated due to her Airbnb guests refusing to leave her rental property as she speaks with a local news team.
Farzana Rahman, who’s attempting to place her son by way of school, has been left devastated because of Airbnb friends in her rental property who refuse to go away. ABC7

When the cleaner knocked on the door, she requested if she ought to return the subsequent day and they mentioned, ‘No, don’t come again,’” Rahman mentioned.

“Now they’re refusing to leave until there’s an eviction order,” Rahman advised the outlet. “I think they’re just trying to gain time to stay there for free because they haven’t paid.”

Rahman even acquired the cops to go to the rental along with her and the squatters promised to go away the subsequent day, however they by no means did.

Rather, they hung a “No trespassing” sign on the entrance door, that learn, “We will vacate the property when you filed the proper paperwork with the civil magistrate for an eviction, for we are legal residents of this home.”

“This is my place, and I mean, I’m counting on this income; my son is in college. I’m a single parent,” Rahman mentioned.

Rahman contacted Airbnb for assist however mentioned the $93 billion firm was of little assist.

Rahman contacted Airbnb for help but said the company was of little help.
Rahman contacted Airbnb for help however mentioned the corporate was of little assist. Airbnb
A 'No Trespassing' sign posted outside an Airbnb rental property in Durham, North Carolina, placed by long-term guests-turned-squatters who refuse to leave.
The Airbnb guests-turned-squatters left a “no trespassing” sign exterior Rahman’s rental property. which they’re refusing to go away. ABC7

“They’re sending me messages as please get help for your safety and get whatever legal help you have to get to get them out,” she mentioned.

Rahman has filed eviction paperwork with the courts to attempt and regain possession of her rental.

“It’s wasted my time; it is wasting my energy; it is stressing me out,” she mentioned.

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