A Virginia elementary school found a rope shaped like a noose

VIRGINIA BEACH, USA. ~At Newtown Elementary in Virginia Beach, Va., earlier this week, a short rope in the shape of a noose was discovered hanging from a tree. Authorities are investigating the matter. “I can assure our community that VBCPS does not condone any act of hate,” Virginia Beach Superintendent Aaron Spence said in a message to the school community. “I am horrified by what can only be considered a racially motivated act and can assure our community that VBCPS does not condone any act of hate of any kind.” “We will fully support and cooperate with our law enforcement partners to ensure this matter is fully investigated.”

According to a school district representative, a staff member discovered the rope on Tuesday. In addition to the police, who have increased their presence at the school as a precaution, the matter is also being investigated by the District Office of Security and Emergency Management. The school division is asking anyone who thinks they have information regarding the investigation to contact the Virginia Beach Police Department.

According to a letter that was distributed to families of students at Newtown Elementary School, “The safety and security of our students and staff, both physically and emotionally, is our top priority, and VBCPS does not condone any act of hate. “Students and staff who feel they could benefit from emotional assistance can speak with one of the counselors available.

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